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St. Gemma’s Hospice, Leeds

St. Gemma’s Hospice, Leeds

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Opened in 1978, St Gemma’s is the largest hospice in Yorkshire and one of the largest in England. It’s a friendly, warm and safe place at the heart of the local community with a large range of expert services to support patients, their families and friends. Care is focussed around the needs of the individual and St Gemma’s are respectful of all beliefs, religions and cultures.



The needs of people living with a terminal illness and those close to them are met with care, compassion and skill


St Gemma’s Hospice acknowledges the value of life and the importance of dignity in death.  They provide and promote the highest quality palliative and end of life care, education and research



Treating each person with kindness, empathy, compassion and respect


Continually learning and developing; striving for excellence in everything they do


Delivering high standards through team work, a skilled workforce and good governance

I want to sign up to a fully funded place with St Gemma’s Hospice – what do I do?


Find out more about a charity place on the Yorkshire Mafia’s charity bike ride 2016.

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