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The Ride25 Pioneers
The Ride25 Pioneers
The Ride25 Pioneers

The Ride25 Pioneers

Ride25 began in June 2012 with a group of friends deciding that it would be fun to see the world on a bike and raise money for charity on the way. The adventure raises money for 1moreChild – a small charity in Uganda that helps takes children off the street and gives them everything they need to enable them to go to school. All cyclists pay all their own costs so all the money raised goes straight to the charity.

Every year a new leg is completed over a long weekend. The first 8 legs have involved the group of 100+ people cycle from Parmoor (West of London) to Candir (East of Ankara) in Turkey via Paris, Geneva, Milan, Rome, Bari, Thessaloniki and Istanbul – a total of 3,100 miles over 31 days of cycling. The group has raised over £935,000 for 1moreChild.

2020 is leg 9 of 25 – we’re cycling from Candir to near Trabzon in eastern Turkey and hoping to raise over £100,000. A large proportion will come from the generosity of our corporate sponsors:

Who are the ‘Ride25 Pioneers’?

All the riders who have participated in the very first six legs are in an exclusive club called the ‘Ride25 Pioneers’.  Each year the Pioneers will be invited to complete the next leg for the very first time and raise money for 1moreChild.  Pioneers help to define the journey and adventure to Sydney.

Pioneer trips are released in waves depending on how many legs you have completed – first come first served!  The pioneer trips will continue to raise money for 1morechild.
See what training people have been doing by joining the Ride25 Pioneers Strava Team 



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