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Cycle Tour Crew Survey
Cycle Tour Crew Survey
Cycle Tour Crew Survey

Cycle Tour Crew Survey

We have had an overwhelming  response over the last 12 months from amazing people just like you wanting to work with Ride25 as a member of our crew.  We have filled the role of tour leaders for our 2016 tours* – however, we still need fabulous tour crew members who will be required to carry out a whole host of tasks – whether it be looking after guests, driving support vans, sorting out luggage, fixing bikes, taking photos and videos, administering first aid etc.. (Don’t worry, you don’t need to have all of these skills but a good few would be useful!).

Please note all these roles are contracted jobs per tour and not full-time work, a lot of our existing crew work with us as a working holiday and fit it in around their normal full time work or business.

(*All of our 2016 tour leaders have been selected from previous tour crews, so if you’d like to be considered for a tour leader role in 2017 you’ll need to be selected as one of our tour crew members this year)

Thanks for applying…. we need to ask you a few more questions in a format that will make it easy for us to select you if you have the right attitude, skills and qualities we need.  The idea is to build up a gang of trusted reliable crew members that can work with us many times over the coming years, exploring the world at the same time as our customers.  It’s going to be an epic adventure.

The Job as a Ride25 Crew Member

As a crew member, you are the Ride25 brand. The enjoyment of the Ride25 cyclists is hugely down to the attitude, knowledge and energy of the crew that support the ride.  For the support crew it is not a holiday and it can be tough at times, so please don’t complete this form if you are looking at this as a free cycling holiday!  We have been asked several questions over the last few months so thought it best to do a FAQs (frequently asked questions) section, to hopefully answer any questions you have – if you still have questions feel free to give us a quick call or email.

Positive attitude, high energy levels, smiles and keeping calm under pressure are all key ingredients for a perfect Ride25 crew member.

So if you possess the…….


of Chris Evans


of Davina McCall,


of Sir Ranulph Fiennes


of a Disney Princess


of Mark Zuckerburg


of Chris Boardman or Jens Voigt


of Mario Testino


skills of Steven Spielberg

…… should keep reading and fill out the form below

Crew Applicant FAQs:

How much will I get paid?  

All crew members get £100 a day (an increase from £80 last year!!), paid after the event by bank transfer

Do Ride25 pay our expenses?

YES, Ride25 will cover all (reasonable!) expenses and you will have access to a pre-loaded company debit card. We do ask you to keep all the receipts – so you need to be a little bit organised!  We will also give you an expenses form to claim back any other expenses you incur that are not paid for on the company card.

Do you pay for my travel to and from the start of the tour? 

YES, we will pay for your travel to the start and also home from the finish – if this is same or less than travel from the UK.  (i.e. we can’t afford to pay for you to fly over from Australia to Paris!).  We also cover any additional accommodation if required.

Do you pay for all our meals?

Yes, 3 lovely hearty meals a day are all sorted out for you.  You will get to eat alongside our guests and enjoy the same quality amazing local food that they are tucking into.  In the mornings you will be required to be up and out a bit before the guests, to help get the start organised.

Do you pay for all our accommodation?

Yes, you will get to stay in the same style and quality of accommodation as our guests.  You will be required to share a room with another crew member of the same sex.

Do you provide a Ride25 uniform?

We provide you with several polo shirts – enough for a clean one every day.  You are expected to wear this during the day so that guests can easily identify that you are a crew member.  In the evenings you can chill out in your own casual clothes and relax with the guests.  But you do still need to be on hand to answer any questions if required.

How many tour crew do you have per tour?

We aim to have at least 1 crew member to every 15 guests as a minimum.  We also need to ensure that we have the correct balance of first aiders, mechanics, photographers, etc.  Every member of the tour crew is also expected to carry out general crew duties.  Such as; van driving, luggage delivery, setting out drinks stop and start / finish flags etc.  We could run a tour with as few crew as 3 split across 2 support vehicles. 

Will I be cycling on the tour?

No. Tour crew (with the exception of the tour leader) will not be required to cycle during the tour, there are sometimes exceptions to this but please don’t think this is a paid cycling holiday (it’s hard work).  Most of your job requirement will be to ensure that the Ride25 guests are having an amazing cycling adventure.

The Ride25 Crew Selection Process :

1. Respond to Survey by 5th February 2016

2. Ride25 will reply to all survey submissions by 16th February confirming if you are to be telephone interviewed.

3. Telephone interviews to take place during February

4. Training and final selection away day – Date TBC – likely to be mid April 2016

Please complete the following survey to apply for a role with us.  

NB: We are not expecting you to possess all the following skills so please don’t worry if you answer ‘no’ to any of the questions below – by asking a wide range of questions, we are simply trying to work out which Ride25 support crew role you would be best suited to.

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