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Luxury Cycling Holidays &
Supported Bike Tours

We are having a re-jig of our 2017 cycling holiday offerings and from now on will be offering predominantly Business and Corporate cycling holidays and events only.


Business and Corporate trips:

Please take a look at our business and corporate cycling events page if you are interested in one of our corporate cycling trips.

If you are looking for a consumer-only cycling holiday please fill in one of the forms below (dependant on whether or not you have joined us on one of our events in the past) and we’ll get in touch.

Previous Ride25 riders:

If you have been on a Ride25 tour with us before, we are offering a special opportunity to join our Pioneers trip in 2017.   This is a great group of over 100 riders who are taking on the London to Sydney adventure, leg by leg.  If  you would like to be considered for our Pioneers’ trip in 2017 please fill in the form here.  (You can read more about the Ride25 Pioneers here).

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New Ride25 riders:

If you haven’t yet been on a Ride25 tour, please complete your details so we can get in touch as and when we release future dates.

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