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The Journey so far….

The journey began in June 2012 with Leg 1 from Parmoor to Paris.  Leg 2 in 2013 saw us return to the Eiffel Tour and cycle to Geneva and so on.  Since then the journey to the end of Leg 9 is 3,550 miles and 240,000 ft of climbing.

The last 16 legs will involve cycling a further 7,400 miles to Sydney in Australia.

Map showing every leg so far….

The following map shows progress so far including the draft plan for Leg 10 to Tbilisi.

Or you can click here for a full page map (Best viewed on a desktop).



Key Statistics on each leg so far….

*Elevation data amended using RidewithGPS

In total by the end of Leg 9 the journey so far is over 3,550 miles.

Up to the end of Leg 9 we have cycled a total of 3,550 miles over 37 days in the saddle. That's an average of 96 miles a day.

The Journey so far….

By avoiding busier roads we often end up in the mountains.  This has included crossing the Jura Mountains (France), The Alps (Switzerland), The Apennines / The Antiappennini range (Italy), The Pindus range (Greece) and The Köroğlu Mountains (Turkey).