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Travel Arrangements
Travel Arrangements


Travel Arrangements

Cycling Tours - Travel Arrangements - Ride 25

Ride25 will take care of all your travel arrangements from the moment you meet us at the starting point of your tour through to your final day on the bike. All you need to arrange is your travel to and from the tour.  This means that you are responsible for organising…

Flights and transfers

We do ask that you organise your own flights and transfers. This allows you the flexibility to book flights from your nearest airport at times that suit you. For example, you may want to extend your trip and have a couple of nights in your starting country to prepare before you begin your tour, or perhaps you may like to add on a few days’ holiday at the end for some R&R with your family!

Pre-tour accommodation

Once you have signed up for the ride, we can offer you recommendations for a hotel for the night before your tour starts.  Where possible, there will also be an opportunity to meet the crew on the evening before the tour, which will also give you a chance to get to know some of your fellow cyclists.

We understand that everyone has different commitments – whether family, work or otherwise – and so many people choose to arrive on their own terms with the first we see of them being at the starting point. If you choose to do this, all we ask is that you sign in with one of the Ride25 team before you set off so that we know you’re with us!

Bike transportation/bike boxes

Taking a flight with a bike for the first time can be a bit a daunting, however, it’s no more complicated than travelling with a pair of skis or golf clubs.

We recommend using either BikeBox online or Polaris Bikewear.  This helpful video and blog (where you can download instructions) show you how to put your bike in a bike box.  You can also check out our really useful blog about flying with a bike.



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