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The Ultimate Cycling Holiday!

Ride25 is a unique cycling holiday company, providing consumer and corporate cycling challenges all over Europe and worldwide.   Ride25 cycling tours are not just about the cycling though… they focus on the camaraderie, delicious food, stunning landscapes and joint experience of the challenge of a lifetime. With our amazing hospitality, support and planning, we do everything to make sure all you have to worry about is which way to pedal!

Check out our ‘Trusted Shop’ reviews from our previous riders here.

**As seen on BBC Dragon’s Den!**

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Perfectly Designed Routes - Cycling Tours - Ride25
Delicious Authentic Cuisine - Cycling Tours - Ride25
It's Not A Race – But It Is A Challenge - Cycling Tours - Ride25
Open To Everyone - Cycling Tours - Ride25
Good Quality Accommodation - Cycling Tours - Ride25
Any Kind Of Bike Will Do (Almost!) - Cycling Tours - Ride25
Celebratory Meal - Cycling Tours - Ride25
We Include More - Cycling Tours - Ride25
Fully Supported And Organised - Cycling Tours - Ride25
Wi-Fi Hotspots So You Can Share The Dream - Cycling Tours - Ride25

Cycling Tours

Ride25 offers you the best way to see the world with our AMAZING cycling holidays.  Our carefully planned routes take in some of the best cycling and scenery in...
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London to Brighton - Cycling Tours - Ride25

Featured Trip

London to Brighton

Seen us on DRAGON’S DEN and fancy getting a taste of Ride25? This 1 day Ride25 mini-tour from London...

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Our Charity

For every single person who completes one of Ride25’s cycling tours, Ride25 will donate £20 to Re~Cycle to get a bike to Africa. Research has shown that...
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John Dragons' Den

The self-described biggest bike-lane sceptic ...

This week’s round-up features an exciting piece of Ride25 news, some confusing signals for cyclists in Australia, and attempts to increase cyclist numbers in...
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Alpine cycling tour DTZ Ride25 090

Common cycling aches and pains

As part of the Ride25 Crew and a professional bike fitter for Cyclometrics and member of the International Bike Fitting Institute, Paul ‘Smudge’ Smith covers...
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Ride25 Product KitBrik

A place for everything and everything in its ...

Having a place for everything and everything in its place saves time (and sometimes opportunities too). Do you know someone (perhaps yourself!) who spends...
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pilates and cycling

Pilates & Cycling: A match made in heaven

Aching lower back? Tight hip flexors, shoulders feeling hunched? Pilates might just be the answer! One of our Ride25 Pioneers, Tricia, raves about Pilates...
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Charity Cycling Events

Ride25 is committed to helping charities and fundraising groups to raise money. We work alongside all sorts of charitable organisations to create memorable and unique cycling tours for each and every one of your fundraisers and promise an amazing...

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Commercial Partners - Cycling Tours - Ride25

Commercial Partners

We organise bike tours in various countries for thousands of cyclists a year, meaning there is plenty of potential for partnership and promotion if you are in the cycling market. We don’t currently, nor do we intend to, headline...
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Business & Corporate

We are proud to have taken some high-profile corporate clients on our incredible Ride25 cycling tours both in the UK and Europe including Google, Adobe, facebook, DTZ retail, Liberty Global, Skybetting & Gaming…to name but a few. Ride25 is built...

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Cycling Shops, Clubs & Cafes - Cycling Tours - Ride25

Cycling Shops, Clubs & Cafes

Ride25 offers an official partnership scheme designed specifically for independent cycling shops, clubs and cafes. The aim is to promote our exciting, once-in-a-lifetime cycling tours to your customers and members in return for commission, joint marketing support and mutually...

Learn more about Cycling Shops, Clubs & Cafes