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Support Vehicles
Support Vehicles


Support Vehicles

Ride25 support van

On average, there will be 3 support vehicles on every one of our tours along with 6 members of the Ride25 team who will will be on hand whenever you may need them – including a first aider, bike mechanic and Ride25 tour leader.  (The exact number of support crew and vehicles depends on the number of riders per tour)

Ride25 Support Vehicle Number 1 – Baggage

Ride25 support crewThe first Ride25 support vehicle will transport all bags from the start in the morning to the hotel in the evening. It is very important that you keep baggage to a minimum as there is only limited capacity on the support vehicles. Please keep your baggage to a max of 10kg and of standard hand luggage size dimensions (56cm x 45cm x 25cm) otherwise it may be at risk of being left behind! You won’t be able to get to your bag during the day so bring everything else you need with you on your bike/in your rucksack.

Ride25 Support Vehicle Number 2 – First aid and back-up

This support vehicle will follow you and your fellow cyclists, keeping an eye on your progress and checking everyone in at lunchtime and in the evening. This vehicle will be manned by a bike mechanic and first aider and will carry:

  • First aid kit
  • Basic bike spares – this will not be comprehensive but will carry some essentials
  • Bike mechanic set
  • Bike rack
  • Water and fruit
  • Emergency snacks such as energy drinks, muesli bars, bananas, chocolate and jelly beans

ride25 crew vanImportant note: It is no disgrace if you can’t make it all the way, the support vehicle will be able to meet you and take you and your bike to the hotel if you want to get to the hotel for any reason, however, riders should try to be self-sufficient for simple tasks such as mending a puncture.

Support Vehicle Number 3 – Bike bags/boxes transportation:

A third support vehicle will take all the bike bags and boxes from your starting destination to the finish.

Each vehicle will also carry a bike pump.



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