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Bike Requirements
Bike Requirements


Bike Requirements

Cycling Tours - Bike Requirements - Ride 25

You need to bring your own bike on all of our Ride25 cycling holiday and events.

This page is designed to give you guidance on choosing a bike that’s right for the Ride25 trip that you’ll be joining us on. Right for the terrain, the distance, and your body shape (and that won’t cause or aggravate any injuries!).

Our biggest tips:

  • Get the bike serviced before the Ride25
  • Get the bike set-up to ensure it fits your body correctly
  • Write down the measurements before you pack up your bike in its bag, and mark the saddle height on the saddle stem so you can set it up again at the other end!

Common questions about choosing a bike for touring

Blog posts we’ve written

We’ve written a bunch of posts on our blog that might be useful as further reading when getting your bike prepared for a long tour.

How to pack your bike into a bike box

This handy guide teaches you how to pack your bike down, which can be fiddly if it’s your first time!

Flying with a bike

Our comprehensive guide of over 80 airlines’ bike transit policies, including cost and packing requirements, should prove useful when planning how to get your bike to the starting line!

How to avoid cycling-related injuries

Our friend and Ride25 tour crew member Smudge, has written some great content explaining some common injuries that can arise while cycling, and how to reduce your risk:

Something a bit more light hearted

If reading about potential injuries isn’t up your street, why not take a look at an interview with Guy Cox, who rode our Milan to Rome leg on a Brompton.

Good resources elsewhere on the web

Here are some useful links related to things discussed on this page.

  • A Bike Radar article about setting up your bike
  • A guide from Wiggle about bike sizes
  • Info from Cycling Weekly about setting up cleats



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