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Training Plans
Training Plans


Training Plans

Cycling Tours - Training Plans - Ride 25

Though each of our cycling holidays captures a different flavour of European scenery and cycling, the distances and elevations are all in the same ballpark and you will need to be quite fit to tackle them!

To give you an idea of what to expect: our average daily distance is 87 miles (lowest 44, highest 108). Elevation average is 6077 feet (lowest 1702, highest 9831). A breakdown per tour is as follows:

  • London to Paris: average daily distance 73 miles, elevation 3917 feet
  • Paris to Geneva: average daily distance 92 miles, elevation 6198 feet
  • Geneva to Milan: average daily distance 88 miles, elevation 8324 feet
  • Milan to Rome: average daily distance 90 miles, elevation 5481 feet

The riding dynamic on our tours is relaxed and there’s no pressure to go faster than you’re comfortable with, and with a support van to pick you up if you need a rest, there’s no need to feel daunted by the distances.

On this page we’ve rounded up a bunch of information to help you gauge how much training you’ll need, and how to structure a cycling training plan accordingly.

Remember that there’s no right or wrong way to train ­- it varies massively between rider based on factors including amount of free time, current fitness levels.

At-a-glance answers to some questions people ask about cycling training

We’ve rounded up a few of the questions we get asked frequently, as well as some being asked on internet discussion forums. The insights here will put you in good stead for your training. ­ If you’ve got any other questions let us know in the comments at the bottom of this post.

Content on our blog about cycling training plans

A four part guide to training for a Ride25 tour

This series was written to help people prepare for one of our tours and will hopefully answer a lot of the questions you might have!

  1. Testing the waters
  2. Mapping rides
  3. Scheduling rides
  4. Troubleshooting

Training for a 100 mile cycling event

This post discusses key areas:

  • Bike fitting
  • Increasing training in increments
  • Finding motivation and staying disciplined
  • Recovery
  • Adapting training close to the ride

Staying motivated while training

Read this here. These principles were written as a motivational pick­me­up after New Year 2015, but are all still relevant!

  • Be ruthless with yourself
  • Set long and short term goals
  • Set goals that are hard but realistic
  • Aim for incremental success
  • Set measurable goals
  • Phrase your goals positively
  • Write it down ­ and then tell the world
  • Do it with friends
  • Reward yourself

What to expect from a Ride25

Sometimes it’s easier to train for a ride if you have an idea of what to expect beyond the usual route and elevation lines. In this vein we have interviews with people who’ve ridden a Ride25 tour:

  • Jill Wilkie rode the Milan ­ Rome Pioneers ride, read about her ride here.
  • Guy Cox rode a tour on a Brompton, read about his experience here!

A write-up of the Leeds to Paris tour by Mike Donnellanː

And a write-­up of the Geneva to Milan tour by Chris Lee:

Cycling training plans elsewhere on the internet

Of course there are some fantastic resources elsewhere on the internet that will help you plan your training routine. Some of our favourites:

GCN’s videos are particularly recommended if you’re looking for training tips. They cover a huge range of subjects from structuring training plans, to improving climbing technique, to popping wheelies. An example video below:

We also recommend that you join either (or both) British Cycling or CTC who offer great advice, training support and third party insurance for cyclists. We are official partners of both and you can join CTC for just £16 if you quote the code 90074626 on their membership page, here.



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