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Our Badges

Our Badges

Rome to Milan 2015 Ride25 003Do you think back fondly to the day you were awarded your first Boy Scout or Brownie badge, or perhaps your 10 metre swimming badge? Do you remember that warm, lovely feeling of being so proud of yourself you could burst?

To celebrate your Ride25 cycling achievements in all their glory (plus recreating a little bit of that magical nostalgia) we decided to create our very own Ride25 badges.  And so, every time you partake in one of our cycling tours, you will be awarded the Ride25 badge for that particular leg, designed to reflect the breathtaking places you have visited. Your personalised cycling shirts for use on your cycling tour will be adorned with all the badges you have collected so that you can make your way across the world wearing them with pride!

Take a look below at all the badges you could collect on your round-the-world challenge…

Ride25 Badges
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