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Cycle For Charity

Cycle For Charity

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Ride25 are very proud to be working with many charities across numerous sectors across the world. If you are looking for a charity to raise money for whilst taking part in a Ride25 cycling challenge then have a look here for charities that already work with Ride25.   Many of our charity partners offer you a way to part or fully fund your place if you are willing to agree to a fund raising target.

Click on the logos of the charities below to find out more…

Whether you are cycling for charity or not, Ride25 will still donate a bike to Africa for every single person who completes one of our cycling tours. This is facilitated by our corporate charity partner, Re~Cycle.

If you are a charity and want to find out more about how to work with us, click HERE

Raise money, get fit, have fun, explore the world and challenge yourself on your bike all at the same time…