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Corporate Cycling Events

We are proud to have taken some high-profile corporate clients on our incredible Ride25 cycling tours in the UK, Europe and Asia including Google, Adobe, facebook, DTZ retail, Liberty Global, Skybetting & Gaming…to name but a few.

Ride25 is built on the belief that taking on a unique cycling challenge can enhance lives, strengthen relationships and offer a true sense of adventure and shared achievement – all the key ingredients for the perfect corporate hospitality or team building event!

We are experts in arranging cycling events for groups of 30-500 people using our tried and tested cycling routes, with all the support and hospitality you need to make everything run like clockwork. We can take you from the UK to Australia one leg at a time and can plan your tour as a dedicated closed event for your company. Where possible, we can also incorporate any particular requests or routes that you would like to include, for example, starting at your UK headquarters and finishing at your Paris office.

Whether you are considering organising an unforgettable team building exercise or creating an event to entertain your clients, we can make sure it is nothing short of amazing.


In a nutshell, Ride25:

  • provides a once-in-a-lifetime challenge which creates strong bonds and strengthens relationships within the team and with clients
  • provides a fabulous and unique way to fundraise for your chosen corporate charity/charities
  • is a great incentive for your staff to get fit and keep fit by training for a shared challenge
  • improves team morale and gives a sense of belonging
  • offers excellent CSR benefits and PR opportunities
  • provides all the assistance you require, from initial consultation to first class support on the tour itself
  • can be personalised to suit your company, accommodating, where possible, detours to your company offices
  • gives each cyclist a high-quality personalised cycling shirt

Create lasting client and staff relationships

Our cycling tours are a unique way to see the world as you pedal through breathtaking scenery and landscapes. Spending hours chatting, sweating and sometimes hurting together in the saddle, enjoying a meal at a local restaurant, sipping the best regional wine and beer and comparing notes and funny stories of the day’s adventure – these are the unique, shared experiences that will make lasting memories to reminisce over for years. This is why companies choose Ride25 for internal team building charity events, as well as a way to strengthen their customer relationships.

A healthy workplace is a productive one

We all know that health and productivity go hand in hand, so what better reason to get fit or keep fit than to train for a 350 mile bike ride? By sharing the challenge, your staff or clients will be encouraged to train regularly, often choosing to go for a run or a bike ride together and sharing the experience all along the way, not just on the tour.

Cycling for Charity and CSR

Raising money by doing something unique and challenging will add to your team’s overall shared sense of achievement. Many of our Ride25 corporate teams choose to raise money for a particular charity. This also engages people from across the business, helping everyone to feel involved and assist with your CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) objectives. We can also help you to promote and market your event so that you raise as much money as possible, maximise your CSR efforts and gain ultimate PR benefit in return for all your sweat and tears!  Running your event as a charitable event could also have significant tax advantages.

Your own dedicated trip

After chatting to understand what you’d like to do, we will tailor tours to match your particular wishes where possible. For example, you may want to start your tour at your UK HQ and finish at your Paris office, or perhaps take a route which passes by your office in Geneva. We will then organise a closed, dedicated trip for your company. You will receive assistance throughout, including marketing tools and a dedicated Ride25 contact who will help you in the lead up to your tour. Throughout the tour itself, there will be first class support including medical assistance, an expert guide and back-up vehicles to carry luggage. All of your staff/clients will be given a personalised cycling shirt for every day of their tour, which we can tailor with the branding of your company and your corporate charity.

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Corporate Cycling Events

We are proud to have taken some high-profile corporate clients on our incredible Ride25 cycling tours in the UK, Europe and Asia including Google, Adobe, facebook, DTZ retail, Liberty Global, Skybetting & Gaming…to name but a few. Ride25 is built...

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