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Who Is Suitable
Who Is Suitable


Who Is Suitable

Cycling Tours - Who Is Suitable - Ride 25

We encourage people from all backgrounds and of all shapes, ages, sizes and fitness levels to sign up to Ride25.

It really is open to everyone.

What we do ask is that you follow a training plan before you embark on one of our tours, so that you are able to actually enjoy the trip rather than huffing and puffing your way through it!

Each day will involve about 70-90 miles of cycling and you will have to do this for four or so consecutive days depending on the leg. Therefore, before your tour, we recommend that you get yourself to a level of fitness and ability so that you can comfortably cover 60 miles on your bike in a single day, including some ascents and descents. We also suggest that you try a couple of long rides (60 miles or so) followed by another long ride the next day. This will help your legs get used to getting back on the saddle even when they are aching!

See our training plans here.


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