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Lessons for Life

Lessons for Life

March 24th, 2021

Ride25 organised The Big Ride for Africa in two consecutive years for charity Lessons for Life, backed by corporate sponsor Liberty Global.

The event involved 500 cyclists simultaneously starting from 5 different locations in 5 different countries and all finishing at the same point at roughly the same time! The event raised 1.5 million Euros per annum. Watch the video of the event finishing at the Ziggo Stadium in Amsterdam:


The Oscar Foundation

May 27th, 2015

In 2010 Rachael Tuffield and her husband Gary went through an ordeal that we would all pray and hope never happens to any parents. On the 7th March 2010 at 4.24pm, their son, Oscar Tuffield, was born. Sadly however, it was a still-birth as Oscar had passed away earlier that day due to an unexpected complication during the birthing process.

Gary & Rachael are a pretty amazing couple, and as they grieved and recovered, they did not want Oscar’s passing to go in vain. They were determined to create, not only a memorial to Oscar, but a way of helping other children who are sick or under-privileged, and who are not getting the support they so desperately need.

And so was born ‘The Oscar Foundation’, a registered charity committed to the sole aim of changing sick or under-privileged children’s lives by offering support in any way they can, either by funding for medical treatment or simply a much needed home for those left abandoned on the street. They hope that every cause they fund will be life changing for the child or children involved.

Ride25 organised a cycle from Austria over the Stelvio Pass to Monaco for The Oscar Foundation.  Watch the video:


Dame Kelly Holmes Trust

January 12th, 2012

When double gold Olympic champion Dame Kelly Holmes set up her charity, she saw a unique chance to support both young people and athletes. The Dame Kelly Holmes Trust provides the UK’s disadvantaged young people with the mentoring support they so desperately need, and for athletes to find a new and rewarding career path. They are the only charity that does this.

Olympians, Paralympians and other top international athletes have experienced the highs and lows of world class competition – the chance to attain extraordinary success, but also the threat of injury, funding cuts and fierce competition. During their careers they have established key skills such as resilience, self-belief, confidence and focus. And these are precisely the skills so many young people lack.Dame Kelly Training Young Poeple

The number of young people (aged 16-24) in the UK who are not in employment, education or training is still currently over the 1 million mark. That’s nearly 1 in 5. It is arguably one of the biggest crises facing our society today. Our programmes provide young people with the skills, motivation and confidence to move ahead in life.

So far the Dame Kelly Holmes Trust has made an impact on 170,000 young people across the UK. With your help, we can ensure every young person has the chance to succeed in life.

resilience, self-belief, confidence and focus.


Ride25 and Dame Kelly Holmes Trust

The Dame Kelly Holmes Trust rode from Paris to Geneva.  View the video here:


March 24th, 2008

Every year since 2012 Ride25 has organised a 4-5 day cycle ride for a group of 100+ people. The total amount raised so far is almost £1 million.  For more information about the charity and the group of Pioneers that do the cycling  visit 1moreChild.

You can view the most recent video here:



The Royal Air Force has a proud tradition of looking after its own. The RAF Benevolent Fund is the RAF’s leading welfare charity and is an extension of that tradition.

Ride25 organised for a group of 75 to cycle from Paris to London on Brompton Bikes to commemorate the 75th Anniversary of The Battle of Britain.  Watch the video below:|


“The RAF Benevolent Fund is part of the conscience of the British nation”

Winston Churchill

Since its foundation in 1919, they have been there, through thick and thin, supporting the RAF family. They are there for all serving and former members of the RAF as well as their partners and dependent children.

WHY The RAF Benevolent Fund EXISTs

The RAF Benevolent Fund is there for any member of the RAF family who is in need of financial, practical or emotional support – from the youngest child to the oldest veteran.

In 2013 the charity spent over £18 million supporting more than 60,000 members of the RAF family with a wide range of issues from childcare, relationship difficulties and debt, to injury, disability and bereavement.

This could be helping an injured serviceman or woman who may need adaptations to their home or an elderly veteran who needs a stairlift in order to remain independent at home.

The RAFBF is also custodian of the RAF Memorial and the Bomber Command Memorial in London, which honour the men and women who sacrificed so much in the Great War and in the Second World War.