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Dame Kelly Holmes Trust

Dame Kelly Holmes Trust

January 12th, 2012

When double gold Olympic champion Dame Kelly Holmes set up her charity, she saw a unique chance to support both young people and athletes. The Dame Kelly Holmes Trust provides the UK’s disadvantaged young people with the mentoring support they so desperately need, and for athletes to find a new and rewarding career path. They are the only charity that does this.

Olympians, Paralympians and other top international athletes have experienced the highs and lows of world class competition – the chance to attain extraordinary success, but also the threat of injury, funding cuts and fierce competition. During their careers they have established key skills such as resilience, self-belief, confidence and focus. And these are precisely the skills so many young people lack.Dame Kelly Training Young Poeple

The number of young people (aged 16-24) in the UK who are not in employment, education or training is still currently over the 1 million mark. That’s nearly 1 in 5. It is arguably one of the biggest crises facing our society today. Our programmes provide young people with the skills, motivation and confidence to move ahead in life.

So far the Dame Kelly Holmes Trust has made an impact on 170,000 young people across the UK. With your help, we can ensure every young person has the chance to succeed in life.

resilience, self-belief, confidence and focus.


Ride25 and Dame Kelly Holmes Trust

The Dame Kelly Holmes Trust rode from Paris to Geneva.  View the video here: