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Giro D’Italia 2023

Giro D’Italia 2023

Join us as we ride every kilometre and climb every metre – the full Tour just 48 hours before the pros talked what we have already done.

In May 2023 just 20 amateur riders will be riding each and every stage of the Giro D’italia – a route that will take us throughout Italy and up into the high mountains – stunning scenery, spectator views, rapid descents, gruelling climbs, cheering fans, excited villages for a truly memorable life experience.

We will be a pioneering Team, who will be one of the first groups to ride the whole Giro.  We will have a vast infrastructure to support us.

Ride25 will be hosting us – they are going out to recce the whole route, book the hotels, and we will take a coach over, with all our bikes secured in a trailer behind us, we will have mechanics with us, our own sport therapists, a tour host, professional riders us to keep us safe and fast, support crew following us, our own caterers plus all the hotels pre-booked.

In addition, we have a documentary film-maker who will be following our journey – the intention is to turn the content into a film that we can enter into a documentary film festival.

Last year, I was part of the Tour 21 ride that rode the whole of the Tour De France for Cure Leukaemia – proudly raising over £1.3 million from the 18 of us who set off.  2 years of hard training, coached throughout it and it was still brutally tough!

It was a ride of a lifetime – so much so I wanted to do it again – all be it on a different Tour.  Italy was calling.

Researching companies that could take riders – there were none that would take us on the whole Tour.  One wanted £18,000+ to do just 16 of the 21 stages and with limited support – not want I wanted.

Exploring all options, I found a partner who could bespoke and deliver what we wanted.

An experience like no other,

For us all to ride the whole Giro D’Itlaia,

To help me realise my dream of providing 10,000 Christmas sacks to children who otherwise would totally miss out.

For our peloton to all cross the line, in Rome, together and celebrate such a feat of endurance for such a worthwhile cause,

Oh – and to do this at cost price with full transparency 

And not ask each of the riders to raise a ridiculous amount of money

Can this be done?

If you put your mind to something, have a dogged determination, and continue to ask “what is the best that can happen?” And keep knocking on doors, ask people that the answer you are looking for is “yes” – you will get what you seek to achieve.

It has all come together.

We have:-

  • Marshall’s Land Rover providing us with vehicles – wrapped to promote us.

  • A UK-based Team who are working tirelessly to organise all of the logistics.

  • A party that will recce all of the course – this year, to check out facilities of the hotels, safe places to top up bidons, take on food,  where to have our lunches etc

  • Professional riders – 4 to keep us safe, together and give invaluable support and advice.

  • A mechanic to travel over and stay with us

  • Masseuses to work on our shattered bodies – during the stops, off the bike and during rest days.

  • A full breakdown of each stage 

  • All meals

  • Support vehicles and supporters to help us complete each stage and the whole event

  • A UK coach to take us and our bike there, back and around

  • We set off 48 hours before the Giro – an option to stay and watch the finish.

  • A film crew to provide, stills, video and drone footage for us all to savour and share

  • A coach who will get us all into Giro shape

  • Regular calls and get-togethers, training rides, collective sportives and an overseas training block in the sun.

Earlier, I mentioned the charity – it would be churlish to take on and complete such an epic challenge without making others benefit.

For that purpose, I have collaborated with a small wonderful registered charity called The Toy Appeal

Their goal is, in their 10th year – to provide 10,000 young children with a Christmas sack each.

It will cost £600,000

We will find half of this.


  • 21 stages

  • 3rd May 2023-ish

  • 3,400km

  • 51,000 metres of climbing

  • 25 days away

  • 48 hours before the pros 

  • 20 max riders

  • 4 pros with us

  • 2 sports therapists 

  • 1 mechanic

  • 3 Land Rovers

  • 1 catering van

  • 23 hotels

  • 1 film crew

  • £300,000+ we will raise for The Toy Appeal

  • 1 coach – Mark Holloway at Revolution Cycle Coaching

  • 1 monumental story tome we for the rest of your life.

Costs :- 

Raise £5,000 each for the Toy Appeal

For all the above we currently estimate circa £11,000 +/- £1,000 per rider for the trip of a lifetime.

What’s next?

Can you commit to the training, time off, and personal investment?

Apply for a place by filling in this form here:


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