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Pioneers / Founders Dinner with Mark Beaumont – 28th March 2023

Pioneers / Founders Dinner with Mark Beaumont – 28th March 2023



We are delighted and excited that Mark Beaumont has offered to come and speak to us at a special Ride25 Dinner at Home Grown Club in Central London on 28th March 2023.

Mark is the world record holder for cycling around the world – 18,000 miles in 79 days – averaging nearly 230 miles a day over 79 consecutive days! I think that puts into perspective the 2023 legs for us. You can read more about Mark here.

The event will be the first large social we have organised in the UK and will be a great opportunity to see everyone and bring together Pioneers and Founders to share stories etc.

It’s also a great opportunity for Ride25 Virgins to learn more about the whole adventure.


Location:  Home Grown Club, 44 Great Cumberland Pl, London W1H 7BS.

Time: 18.30 onwards.

Format: 2 course dinner with welcome drink and talk from Mark Beaumont.

Pioneers Shirts: We are planning to distribute the Leg 10 shirts at the dinner. Better than the sending to Turkish Customs!

Action: Please sign-up below and invite possible Founders who may be interested in hearing more about Ride25.

Framed Prints of the 25 Badges

We recently updated the badges for the first time since we started and have made various changes to the routes – particularly in the middle legs – see above.

We will produce framed prints of the badges (similar to above) in wooden frames with a black surround in both a small (circa 40cm x 40cm) and large (circa 80cm x 80cm). You can order one now for collection on the night.

Depending on the number or orders there should be a surplus that will go to 1MoreChild.

To sign-up please follow one of these links to make a payment:

Dinner Only – £40 – Pay Here.

Dinner & Small framed print – £75 –  Pay Here.

Dinner & Large framed print – £85 – Pay Here.

Thanks very much to Mark Beaumont for giving up his time and also to Founder Jessica Barwell from Home Grown Club for arranging and hosting it.

Home Grown is the private members’ club that provides entrepreneurial pioneers with unique resources to unlock the true value of their business potential. The dinner is part of The Winning Series of events at Home Grown.

Any questions / dietary requirements email