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Ride25 Pioneers Leg 4<br> <h3>Milan to Rome 2015</h3>

Ride25 Pioneers Leg 4

Milan to Rome 2015

Leg 4 – Milan to Rome Ride25 Pioneers

Trip Details and info



Rolling countryside punctuated by awesome historic cities


Central Milan 2pm on Wednesday 10th June 2015


The Vatican 6pm Sunday 14th June 2015

Days Cycling:



450 miles

Total climbing:

27,225 ft (8,300 m)

Max capacity:

125 people


2 – Italy & The Vatican (the smallest country in the world!)


See what training people have been doing by joining

The Ride25 Pioneers Strava Team  

Strava Pioneers Table Image



Day 1 – Milan to Piacenza – 61 miles, 1,230ft total ascent

Leave from Parc Sempione (Provisional start) and brush around the outskirts of central Milan before picking up the canal southbound taking us 23 miles out of Milan to Pavia. We then cycle along the flat Po plain including crossing the vast River Po before reaching the historic city of Piacenza. Dinner in a private dining room at the beautiful Piazza Cavalli in the heart of the city.

Full route including elevation profile (

Day 2 – Piacenza to Bologna – 108 miles, 2,115 ft total ascent

After leaving Piacenza we cycle through the flat plains of Emilia-Romagna in the Po basin. The area is renowned for its agriculture, cheeses, hams…. and Ferrari manufacture. We cover a long distance but there are no significant hills with practically no climbing all day. The highlight of the day is arriving in the stunning city of Bologna for the evening after enjoying the last flat countryside of the trip. Dinner is in a historic building in the heart of the winding lanes in Bologna.

Full route including elevation profile (

Day 3 – Bologna to Figline Valdarno – 90.9 miles, 9,448 ft total ascent

Soon after leaving Bologna we start to get a taste for the day ahead – crossing the border into the rolling hills of Tuscany! We complete the two largest climbs of the Leg in the morning with lunch at a hilltop restaurant at the top of the 2nd climb at the Passadel Giogo. The afternoon involves more of the same but with 2 far less significant climbs. The highest point of the day is 3,169 ft versus 8,130 ft at the ‘Nurofen’ (Nufenen) Pass in Leg 3 and 5,640 ft in Leg 2 over the Jura Mountains. In the evening we stay in Figline Valdarno with a dinner on a terrace overlooking this small historic town.

Full route including elevation profile (

Day 4 –Figline Valdarno to Orvieto – 93 miles, 6,936 ft total ascent

More rolling Tuscan hills as we continue through Tuscany and move into Umbria. One climb in the morning with two in the afternoon but nothing too serious with a peak altitude all day of 1,752 ft. Stay the night in the outstandingly stunning and dramatic city of Orvieto. Arrive early to enjoy roaming the medieval streets and take in the views. Dinner next to the stunning Duomo in a family owned restaurant renowned for its truffles.

Full route including elevation profile (


Day 5 – Orvieto to Rome – 96 miles, 7,675 ft total ascent

Two climbs in the morning in the Umbrian countryside including the Lake Vico Nature reserve before having lunch and the opportunity for a cooling swim in Lake Vigo. After lunch we cycle through the national park and around Lake Bracciano before crossing the plains to Labaro and picking up a great cycle path that takes us almost entirely traffic free the last 10 miles into the centre of Rome and 400 metres from the finish at The Vatican.

Full route including elevation profile (


How does the trip compare to previous legs?

Just as in previous years it is a challenge that you will need to train for to maximise your enjoyment. Overall we cover 100 miles more than in Legs 2 & 3 but have an extra half-day of cycling in which we cover 60 miles. The climbing is almost identical in total to Legs 2 & 3. The difference is that the first day and a half are totally flat with 3 days of rolling hills taking us through Tuscany, Umbria & Lazio from Bologna to Rome.

Is there more climbing than in previous legs?

Since the Geneva to Milan Leg we have changed the route planning software we use for all our trips to Strava. There is no universally accepted method of calculating the distance climbed so all route planning software & GPS devices use different algorithms that gives the user very different numbers. Strava gives climbing figures on average 35% higher than the software we used last year for the same route.

Replotting the routes for Leg 3 (Geneva to Milan) on Strava shows that we climbed a total of 26,597 ft over the four days. Leg 4 to Rome has total climbing on 27,225 ft. There is no Nufenen Pass (8,130 ft altitude) or similar this year, the third day has the most climbing but only takes us to an altitude of 3,162 ft.

As a result you won’t need to worry about cold weather gear.

How will I navigate?

Strava has recently released an update to their free Mobile Ap that enables you to use the App to navigate – this makes navigation possible without maps or a Garmin. We recommend you use the App to navigate on training rides before you go to get used to it. You will also need to buy 1) a portable phone charger (available from £5 to £25) as the App will drain your phone battery by lunchtime and 2) a phone case to mount on your handle bars or a frame pannier bag with space for a phone.

The instructions in Strava for exporting the routes into your Garmin are simpler and more reliable way than in previous years.

Ride25 will also provide maps that we encourage you to print – gadgets fail for all of us at all at some point. The routes have been carefully chosen to avoid the worst roads – this year if you lose the route you are likely to go a lot further or end up on the A1 – Italy’s busiest motorway. 

What else is different to Leg 3?

We want to ensure that we keep the camaraderie and ensure that people see plenty of each other throughout the trips. These are some of the things we’ve changed to help with this:

Regular designated stops

We will have designated stops mid morning and mid afternoon together with a lunch stop – no pressure to stop unless you want to but we have endeavoured to find the best places on the route to stop for coffee, cake and ice creams as well as a good lunch.  The mechanics will also set-up a service stop here for any tweaks you need.

Different start times

We will also try three different suggested start times each day depending on your speed – broadly the slowest will start 60 / 90 mins before the fastest. You can of course leave when you want to but by doing this we are far more likely to see more of each other.

More accessible support vehicles

We will endeavour to make support vehicles more accessible throughout the days so that you can always call to be picked up if you’re not enjoying yourself.

Sweeper Van 

We will have a sweeper van but do remember that they need to respond to issues at different points

Training Rides

We will have another training ride in Yorkshire together with another one around the Chilterns in the run-up to the trip

Designated Finishes

Not always possible but we will aim to have a more formal finish each day – with a bar where possible.


Given daily for being a “real” Ride25 Pioneer


These will all be at the same sitting this year


What are the highlights of Leg 4?

  • Beautiful countryside, typical rolling Tuscan hills, vineyards, sunflowers, hilltop villages, cathedrals & historic buildings galore.
  • Outstanding cities in Piacenza, Bologna, Orvieto & Rome
  • More interesting dining venues both at lunchtime and at night
  • The Vatican & the delights of Rome


Do I need to train?

Yes. 450 miles cycling is a significant challenge for anyone but as in previous years it is achievable. We do recommend you follow a training schedule such as the ones HERE. As in previous years you can always call the support team if you need picked up at any point.


How do I get to Milan?

You can either arrive the night before (i.e. on the 9th June) or there are 7 planes that arrive in Milan from the UK in the morning of the 10th June that should get you to the start in time for a 2pm start.   If you fly to Linate or Bergamo Airports you will need to get a taxi / bus to the start.

We recommend Ride25 sponsor Skyscanner to source flights! Click HERE


Where do I stay in Milan?

The package does not include accommodation in Milan on the 9th June. If you wish to arrive the night before please note that Hotels in Milan mid week are expensive this year as the City is hosting the Expo throughout the summer.

We haven’t managed to get any group discounts due to the Expo – please book a hotel near the start HERE.

We will arrange a restaurant nearish the start to meet up the nigh before for an optional meal.  This will be communicated to you before the event.

The Start

We will stat form Parc Sempione, in front of the Arco Della Pace you can see it on a map HERE. The Parc is adjacent to Milan Cardona Train Station that has trains going to Malpensa Airport.

How do I get from the hotel in Rome to the Airport with my bike box?

There are regular trains from Rome Termini Station to Rome Fiumicino airport. Our hotel is 3.5 miles from Termini Station and 18 miles from Fiumicino airport. You can take a taxi from the hotel to the train station, or take a very short walk to Lepanto underground station, take the tube to Termini train station and then get the train to the airport.

Alternatively take a taxi straight to the airport.

What are we raising money for?

As in previous years all participants shall pay all their own costs and all money raised shall go straight to 1moreChild.


What is 1moreChild?

1moreChild was set-up by Harry & Hen Ferdinando in 2008 to help enable street children in Jinja, Uganda to go to school and prosper. Ride25 raises money for 1moreChild for the following key reasons:

A small amount of money goes along way – as little as £15 per month can transform a child’s life. 100% of all money donated to 1moreChild goes to tackle the problem.  There are no western overheads, admin costs or wastage. In addition Harry & Hen pay all their own costs. The money raised from the cycle will make an enormous difference to 1moreChild and enable them to take many more children out of the slum.

For more information about 1moreChild please visit

1moreChild provide school fees, 3 meals a day, school uniforms, school supplies, shoes, clothes, medical care, tutoring, mentoring, a football club and various other activities.


What is the cost?

Cost: £660 per person with a single supplement of £160. There are a limited number of single rooms. As in all previous Pioneer trips this is a not for profit – i.e the cost is a sum of the direct costs of running the trip only.

This includes:

  • 5 x nights accommodation in Piacenza, Bologna, Figline Valdarno, Orvieto and Rome. Almost all twin rooms in 3 & 4* hotels. No youth hostels or dormitory rooms but possibly a small number of triples.
  • 5 x breakfast
  • 5 x lunch
  • 5 x dinner
  • 5 x manned support vehicles including 2 x bike mechanics & first aiders
  • Transportation of bags each day to the finish
  • Transportation of bike boxes from Milan to Rome
  • 5 x personalised cycling shirts including the badges achieved
  • GPS files of the routes & maps

What’s not included?

  • Flights and transfers
  • Accommodation in Milan the night before the tour commences – please note, unlike in previous years it is possible to arrive by plane on the morning that we leave so it is not necessary to stay in Milan the night before. Just to warn you hotels in Milan mid week during the expo are expensive.
  • A Bike
  • A bike box (this can be selected as an optional extra during the check-out process)
  • Personal insurance


Which hotels are we staying in?

The nature of the Ride25 adventure means that the routes and accommodation is dictated to by what the inventory of hotels looks like along our journey. The overall standard is far higher than in previous years but there are a couple of hotels (on the 1st and 3rd nights) that are of a more comparable standard to last year and are a 1-1.5km walk from dinner.

Night 1 Piacenza

Night 2 Bologna

Night 3 Figline Valdarno

Night 4 Orvieto

Night 5 Rome


How to book a place?

Initial Payment: £150 payable to confirm place that will be donated to 1moreChild in the event that you pull out.

Balancing payment due in March 2015.

Please only pay by Bank Transfer using your name as the reference



SORT CODE 20-39-53 ACC NUMBER: 33314995

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What are the opportunities for sponsorship?

We have put together a number of packages but are also open to offers from anyone for anything.

Cyclists pay for the costs of the shirts, banners etc so all the money given in sponsorship goes directly to 1moreChild. The more you sponsor the largest exposure your logo will get.

Harry Ferdinando, the founder of 1moreChild is on the leg this year so you will have plenty of opportunity to hear more about what great things the money you are raising does.

A number of places on the ride have been saved for Gold & Silver Sponsors even if they are not Pioneers.

If you are interested in sponsoring the event please contact Rob