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Ride25 Pioneers’ Training Rides 2016

Ride25 Pioneers’ Training Rides 2016


There are 2 planned Pioneers’ training rides: 1 in the South starting and finishing at Rob’s house; and one in Yorkshire starting and finishing in Wetherby.

Dates of the training rides

The Southern ride is on the Saturday 16th April 2016 and the Northern Ride is on the 23rd April 2016.

Please fill out the appropriate form below if you wish to join us so that we can get a rough idea of numbers.


The aim of both rides is to get out and do some big hills, catch-up with your Pioneer mates, see how unfit or fit you really are and kick start the training for May!  Hopefully you have already been training lots, as day three (see below) is a biggy!  Although you know our view on Strava elevation data – read this article Strava Inaccurate Data if you are really keen to understand why it isn’t that accurate.

Day 3 Ride25 - Rome to Bari


If you wish to join the ride there is no cost, just PAYG for lunch and coffee stops. These will have been pre-arranged and booked. Feel free to invite non-pioneers, who might be interested in Ride25 or Pioneers in the future.  The only thing we ask is to please fill out the forms below so we have an idea of numbers.

If you need accommodation, please get in touch with Rob for the Southern ride or John for the Northern ride, they will recommend good local places.

Please fill out the form for the ride you wish to come on – you are of course welcome on both if you are super keen!!

Southern Ride 16th April –

8.30am meet for 9am start

Pioneers - Southern Training Ride

Southern Route

Northern Ride 23rd April-

7.45am meet for 8am start

Pioneers - Northern Training Ride

Northern Route

We may shorten it or make it easier – depending what everyone wants / or have a long and short option.