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September 2015 <br> Ride25 Crew Availability
September 2015 <br> Ride25 Crew Availability
September 2015 <br> Ride25 Crew Availability

September 2015
Ride25 Crew Availability

We have a busy month in September and getting the right crew together is hugely important to the success of each ride and the overall Ride25 business.  Our crew are the Ride25 brand and will be the success or failure of each event.

We have more crew members wanting work than we have jobs!   All the work will be allocated on a skills, experience and relevance basis.  Previous work with Ride25 is no guarantee of future work – many of these rides are not on the scale of some of our previous 2105 trips so we need less crew members per tour.

All days are paid at £100 a day, plus we also pay 1 days travel either side of the event (unless you live in or very near the start/finish location).    The dates in the form below represent the total days work required for each tour.

We will allocate out the crew by the 29th July 2015 for all of these tours, and will confirm either way with you.

We are also launching a crew sales affiliate commission scheme – if you fancy making a bit of money on the side by helping us grow Ride25 and are a bit of a sales guru – please get in touch with John directly –

Also if you fancy riding on any of the tours, rather than working please also get in touch we can do you a great “Crew Discount” on all these rides – with the exception of the RAF, Infor and CrowdCube as these are charity funded or corporate invite only events.

Thank you for your taking the time to fill out the form and hopefully see you in September.

Once you fill out the form you will be re-directed to our induction slides – if you have already done the induction these will be a nice reminder of what important.  If you haven’t been on induction you will be required to complete this before you can join a tour.  Grab a brew and have a flick through the slideshow…

The application process for Ride25 September Tours is no closed.


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