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Is Ride25 just about cycling?

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Is Ride25 just about cycling?

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What are the best bits about a Ride25 cycling holiday?

Watch this short video or read the transcript below…


Is it just about cycling? It’s about the adventure. It’s about the challenge. So the challenge to be able to say “I have cycled from, I don’t know, England through Europe, from country to country, is awesome: it’s something I’m quite proud of”. And I think it’s a great cause to be a part of.

It’s not just about the cycling although that’s a key part of it: it’s what unites everybody. So the camaraderie, the culture, the food, the sort of, just having fun and being in the outside. That’s what I love.

Well, the cycling is a means of getting fit, seeing the countryside, socialising with friends. So in that sense, it’s about the cycling but there’s obviously a lot more to it that goes into that.

Absolutely not. I mean the cycling’s great, but actually it’s the whole experience, and one of the best ways to see a country I think is cycling through it.

No it’s not just about the cycling. There are some very like-minded people there – people who you haven’t met before, different walks of life, a good mix of people.

No I think it’s about seeing different countries for me, it’s about meeting lots of people – I love meeting new people and socialising. So it’s kind of an all round get fit, go with my husband as well, have a little mini-holiday, and cycle to see the world.

Nope, it’s about cycling, it’s about the fact that you were doing it for a good cause. I think for me if it were just about the cycling I wouldn’t do it. And that whole camaraderie, that whole sense of shared experience: you know, you share your successes, you share your small failures.

No, actually that’s a good question. No. To me, I mean Geneva to Milan, seeing Lake Como is a place I’ve always wanted to go to, and am really really excited to go to, and now we’re going on a bicycle. I mean that’s what’s getting me going. And again the meeting of people.

Definitely not no, it’s just for such a great cause, and to know that you’re doing something that is really enjoyable and it’s great fun and you’re raising money hopefully for a really good cause.

Oh no, no no. Now that I think about the bigger picture, because you know I only did London to Paris thinking that’s maybe all I’ll do. I actually, you know, bigger picture thinking, this keeps me fit for 25 years…. what a winner will I be.