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Fully Supported And Organised

Fully Supported And Organised

We provide all the support and assistance that you need so that you can forget any worries and just enjoy the ride. From the second you arrive at the starting point through to your celebratory meal at the end of the tour, we organise every step. Whether it is transporting your overnight bags and bike box to your next hotel or providing technical and medical back up, or providing spare bike parts, pumps or the expertise of a mechanic – we will be on hand to help.

If you have had enough cycling any day and wish to be taken back to the hotel you can call the support crew and be picked up.  No questions asked and no-one needs to know.

The only things we do ask you to organise yourself is your insurance, flights and bringing your bike to the start. This gives you the flexibility to arrive and leave as you wish. You may wish to extend your holiday at the end of your tour or have a few more days’ preparation before the leg starts, so we leave that bit up to you.