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The Oscar Foundation

The Oscar Foundation

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In 2010 Rachael Tuffield and her husband Gary went through an ordeal that we would all pray and hope never happens to any parents. On the 7th March 2010 at 4.24pm, their son, Oscar Tuffield, was born. Sadly however, it was a still-birth as Oscar had passed away earlier that day due to an unexpected complication during the birthing process.

Gary & Rachael are a pretty amazing couple, and as they grieved and recovered, they did not want Oscar’s passing to go in vain. They were determined to create, not only a memorial to Oscar, but a way of helping other children who are sick or under-privileged, and who are not getting the support they so desperately need.

And so was born ‘The Oscar Foundation’, a registered charity committed to the sole aim of changing sick or under-privileged children’s lives by offering support in any way they can, either by funding for medical treatment or simply a much needed home for those left abandoned on the street. They hope that every cause they fund will be life changing for the child or children involved.

Ride25 organised a cycle from Austria over the Stelvio Pass to Monaco for The Oscar Foundation.  Watch the video:


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The Stelvio Pass Cycling Challenge - Cycling Tours - Ride25

The Stelvio Pass Cycling Challenge

Austria to Monaco

If you’ve always fancied conquering the dramatic Stelvio Pass on a bike, this is your chance!

This very special 6 day ride through Austria, Switzerland, Italy and France will both challenge and reward.   With a distance of 500 miles and over 37,000 feet of climbing, this epic ride will take in the roof tops of the Southern Alps including one of the most amazing roads in Europe – the Stelvio Pass (or Passo Dello Stelvio) – before heading south towards the beautiful Lake Como. You will then pedal through some of the most outstanding countryside of Northern Italy to the coast at Savona where our journey changes direction to follow the stunning coastline of the Italian Western Riviera and into Monaco.

As with all Ride25 tours you can expect fabulous food, amazing scenery and a first-class support crew including a bike mechanic and a first aider.  So all you need to do is relax and enjoy the ride! Find out more about what’s included below. (Please note that transport to and from the start point (Innsbruck) and finish point (Monaco) is not included in the tour price so please organise your own flights/transfers.)

**Please note:  The aim of this ride is to facilitate fundraising for The Oscar Foundation.  The cost of the ride is £1570 (with an initial £500 deposit), the majority of the riders on this event are raising funds for theThe Oscar Foundation.  By signing up you are not obliged to raise money but it would be a good if you contribute to the over all fund raising efforts for the ‘The Oscar Foundation‘.**

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Next Date






Av Miles Per Day


(£500 Deposit)

Next Date

September 12-18




Miles - 500
Av Miles Per Day - 83


(£500 Deposit)


To secure your place you are required to pay a £500 deposit. Please note the full cost of this tour is £1570.
If you would like to book for more than 10 people, or would just like to talk to one of our team, please call 0207 947 4118 .