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Explore the world…
leg by leg

and get the badges to prove it!

Ride25 offers an incredible, once-in-a-lifetime challenge to cycle the world (in bite-sized chunks!)

The adventure is split into 25 tours and you simply commit to one tour at a time. Most tours comprise 4 days cycling and between 70-90 miles in the saddle a day.

It’s not just about the cycling though‚ it’s about the camaraderie, stunning landscapes, charity and sharing your day’s adventure over a meal and a few drinks in the evening…

…not forgetting Ride25’s super-duper hospitality, support and planning.

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Perfectly Designed Routes - Cycling Tours - Ride25
Delicious Authentic Cuisine - Cycling Tours - Ride25
It's Not A Race – But It Is A Challenge - Cycling Tours - Ride25
Open To Everyone - Cycling Tours - Ride25
Good Quality Accommodation - Cycling Tours - Ride25
Any Kind Of Bike Will Do (Almost!) - Cycling Tours - Ride25
Celebratory Meal - Cycling Tours - Ride25
We Include More - Cycling Tours - Ride25
Fully Supported And Organised - Cycling Tours - Ride25
Wi-Fi Hotspots So You Can Share The Dream - Cycling Tours - Ride25

Cycling Tours

Ride25 is the new, flexible way to cycle around the world. Split into 25 tours, you simply commit to one leg at a time to complete your...
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Geneva to Milan - Cycling Tours - Ride25

Featured Trip

Geneva to Milan

Beginning with the breathtaking sight of Lake Geneva, this leg will cover 350 miles bringing together flat and traffic...

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Our Charity

For every single person who completes one of our cycling tours, Ride25 will donate a bike to Africa. This is helped by our corporate charity, Re~Cycle. In...
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York Grand Depart

Memories of the Grand Depart to last a lifeti...

It’s almost hard to believe that we are now over a third of the way through Le Tour de France.  We may have lost a few...
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yellowbike tour de france

Scheme underway to recycle yellow bikes from ...

If you live in Yorkshire you won’t have failed to have noticed the thousands of painted yellow bikes which sprung up like daisies in the weeks...
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Yorkshire Grand Depart TdF Cycle Map

Yorkshire Grand Depart Cycle Map

GET YOUR HANDS ON THE OFFICIAL GRAND DEPART ROUTE MAP!! Images of the amazing scenery and landscapes of Yorkshire were screened across the world...
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Follow The Team

Follow The Team
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Charity Bike Rides - Cycling Tours - Ride25

Charity Bike Rides

Ride25 is committed to helping charities and fundraising groups to raise money. We work alongside all sorts of charitable organisations to create memorable and unique cycling tours for each and every one of your fundraisers and promise an amazing...

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Commercial Partners - Cycling Tours - Ride25

Commercial Partners

We organise bike tours in various countries for thousands of cyclists a year, meaning there is plenty of potential for partnership and promotion if you are in the cycling market. We don’t currently, nor do we intend to, headline...
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Business & Corporate - Cycling Tours - Ride25

Business & Corporate

Ride25 is built on the belief that taking on a unique cycling challenge can enhance lives, strengthen relationships and offer a true sense of adventure and shared achievement – all the key ingredients for the perfect corporate or team...

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Cycling Shops, Clubs & Cafes - Cycling Tours - Ride25

Cycling Shops, Clubs & Cafes

Ride25 offers an official partnership scheme designed specifically for independent cycling shops, clubs and cafes. The aim is to promote our exciting, once-in-a-lifetime cycling tours to your customers and members in return for commission, joint marketing support and mutually...

Learn more about Cycling Shops, Clubs & Cafes