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Competition! Damson Audio HeadBones – the bluetooth bone conduction headphones

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Competition! Damson Audio HeadBones – the bluetooth bone conduction headphones

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September 9th, 2016


We’re happy to announce a competition in partnership with Damson Audio, a Yorkshire-based tech company offering a range of exciting and innovative audio and visual gear.

We’re interested in HeadBones in particular because their technology means they’re suitable to wear while cycling without impacting your ability to hear what’s going on around you.

What’s the Prize and how do I enter?

There are five prizes on offer.

All five winners will receive a pair of tickets to the Cycle Show in Birmingham, and the overall winner will win a pair of tickets and a pair of Damson HeadBones.

The competition is a good old fashioned caption contest: to be in for a chance to win you just have to leave a caption to the following picture –  leave your entry in the comments at the bottom of the page:

Caption contest image


The winners will be chosen on 15th September 2016. Please leave your email address with the comment so we can contact you if you win! This will not display publicly.

What are HeadBones?

HeadBones aren’t headphones. They use bone conduction technology to deliver the music to your brain in a completely different way.

The bone conduction element of the design features that two pads which rest just in front of your ears, and vibrate directly onto your head . Your skull’s natural acoustic properties mean that the sound is transferred directly to your inner ear.

You can hear the music in high fidelity, and also hear what’s going on around you with perfect clarity.


A pair of HeadBones, more information can be found here

What is the Cycle Show?

The Cycle Show is one of the biggest events in the cycling calendar, hosted in the NEC Birmingham between 23-25 September 2016.

cycle show banner

The 15th anniversary of the event, and it looks to be a good one. Last year’s event was the biggest-ever, and featured a record-breaking number of bike companies; this year there will be even more. They will be exhibiting the forefront of cycling design and technology.

Medal winners and cycling stars are set to make an appearance, too: Martyn Ashton, Ed Clancy, Callum Skinner, Joanna Rowsell-Shand, and Chris Boardman will be there, among others.

Check out the event here.

Good luck!

Terms and conditions can be found here.

79 Responses to “Competition! Damson Audio HeadBones – the bluetooth bone conduction headphones”

  1. Adam gross Says:

  2. Thom Patrick James Cleary Says:

    The new compact aero frame and chainset tested in public for the first time – ‘low’ air resistance and ‘small’ wind profile confirmed

  3. Daniel gullefer Says:

    How areo is this!

  4. Mike French Says:

    “Dave was regretting picking a TT helmet as the first of his marginal gains”

  5. neil pucknell Says:

    Extreme bike fit

  6. Colin Warden Says:

    Sky’s quest for marginal gains has gone a bit too far. It’ll save you 4 watts they said!

  7. Dan Pagella Says:

    Completing a Ride 25 leg on a Brompton quicker than his fellow riders wasn’t demoralising enough for Guy. He’s now hard at work testing a new weapon for his ongoing twisted psycolocogical experiment.

  8. William Davies Says:

    Bit big for the kids race ain’t he?

  9. Simon Hiscocks Says:

    They see me rollin’ they hatin’

  10. Pete Keaney Says:

    Teams are struggling with the technical requirements for the next Paris-Roubaix….

  11. Jen Hunt Says:

    Chris Froome realised that washing his bike in really hot water was probably a mistake when he got on and realised it had shrunk a little.

  12. Shaun Wells Says:

    Does my bum look big on this ?

  13. Andrew Says:

    Oh no! Speedbump ahead…!

  14. Ian Says:

    The Tour was a bit wet this year !!

  15. Steve Reddicliffe Says:

    Thinks “Why oh why did I not get a full size saddle”.

  16. Rupert Englander Says:

    The latest UCI technical equipment guidelines appear to have had some typo’s in the dimension specifications section.

  17. Nic Brancaccio Says:

    Hope I win!

  18. Petra Says:

    Never too late or low.

  19. Fiona M Says:

    Hmmm, either this bike’s shrunk or I’ve had way too many coffee and cake stops!

  20. Rachell Kay Says:

    Geoffrey quickly regretted entering the local sportiff in the under 12’s category to avoid paying the entry fee.

  21. Michael Stephens Says:

    Chris Froome try’s out Nario’s TT bike

  22. Peter Plumpton Says:

    Aero is everything but these tri-bars are too far back.

  23. Matt Everton Says:

    Marginal gains just got serious!

  24. Jason Townsend Says:

    What a amazing prize I tryed them out last year but couldn’t afford them top prize

  25. Mike W Says:

    “Competitors in shock horror as Giant enters local time trial”

  26. Russ Fryer Says:

    “What were you refering to when you said ‘Look at that helmet!’ exactly?”

  27. Dave smart Says:

    I’m going a fitting bike tomorrow,I think the seat need adjusting ?

  28. Nathan Says:

    Just a tiny bit more speed.

  29. Karl Heap Says:

    The next triathlon I must swim faster, this was all that was left in transition!

  30. martin Says:

    i told you to look at the washing instructions didnt i,, now look!

  31. stephen doran Says:

    Maybe I should cut back on protein shakes for a bit!

  32. Jason Says:

    I knew I shouldn’t have asked cav to set my bike up for me

  33. chris golya Says:

    “I know that less drag means a faster bike, but are you sure this is going to work?”

  34. Stephan Narewski Says:

    Nigel regretted buying his TT bike from Ebay from someone calling himself ‘Grumpy’

  35. Paul Gordon Says:

    Following the UCI’s recent historic decision on relaxing their strict rules on Time Trial bike specifications, this radical design by VEB Sachsenring (makers of the iconic Trabant) was unveiled ahead of this year’s cycle show.

  36. Ross Says:

    New Felt bike shrinks in rainy weather, fans remain loyal to the last.

  37. Dickie Ward Says:

    Tour de France riders now required to carry their own spare bikes, Chris Froome reported to be happy as he hates running.

  38. Ashley Says:

    Cobbles?! Crikey, me jewels! :-0

  39. Gareth Collins Says:

    Are you looking Chris Froom? This is how to go aero!!!

  40. Stephen Porritt Says:

    Dave was told he’d get a better aero position on a size 54 frame.
    Dave doesn’t understand the difference between centimetres and millimetres!

  41. Keith F Says:

    I thought I told you NOT to jet-wash my bike!

  42. Brian Button Says:

    Every Little chance of a kom

  43. Simon H Says:

    Obree’s in for a battle with the UCI over his latest creation

  44. Mike Lewis Says:

    So glad the salesman advised the padded shorts.

  45. Richard Chilver Says:

    Tony Martin has gone really minimal with his new TT bike.

  46. Steve Deuchars Says:

    They said free the mind and your legs will follow but I can’t free my mind when my knees are hitting my forehead!!

  47. phil olson Says:

    these wheels can’t handle 500 watts

  48. Jason Baillie Says:

    It looked so much bigger on eBay

  49. Bob Buckland Says:

    Team umperlumpa’s new signing shows his commitment to sponsors bike.

  50. Mark Dewdney Says:

    I’ve just had my bike fit, but something feels a little out still

  51. Brian Newson Says:

    Inaugural giants pave timetrial gets off to a flyer!

  52. Martin H Says:

    After stage 19 of La Vuelta Chris Froome got cocky in his TT stage bike selection

  53. Stuart Smith Says:

    He knew he should have gone with the disc wheels

  54. Sebastian Says:

    Its all about the engine!

  55. Sebastian Says:

    And it was at this very moment that dave realised he should not have put his bike through the wash…

  56. Andre Hutchinson Says:

    Well you looked like this to me Chris Froome….on The Tour de France!

  57. Steve Says:

    Wish I hadn’t put my bike in that 90C wash now!!

  58. Steph Davies Says:

    Just got to keep ahead of the broomwagon up the Ventoux……..

  59. Mark Says:

    Wish the basic spec option had included a saddle!!! 🙁

  60. Stevo Says:

    Knew upsetting the DS was a BAD idea!

  61. Brad Says:

    Following recent changes to the EU health and safety directive on falls from heights…….

  62. Alastair Seagroatt Says:

    Only another 1,320 days to John o’ Groats!

  63. Ray Morgan Says:

    Matches the prize money in most UK races.

  64. Philip CAMPBELL Says:

    “Leave it to us” they said….. “well produce a design with a great aero advantage ” they said ….

  65. Colin Smith Says:

    New aero bike revealed

  66. David Townley Says:

    Man desperate to finish Ironman steals kids bike after mechanical issue

  67. Charlie Keaney Says:

    Peter Jones picked the wrong bike to try and chase down his missed opportunity to invest in Ride25…

  68. Neal price Says:

    Dave regretted washing his bike so much before his big race

  69. Kev Parsons Says:

    “I told you not to use the power washer”

  70. Adam Says:

    The Mavic neutral support bikes really were too small for Froomey

  71. Steph Says:

    I’m how far off the back of the groupetto?

  72. Bryn Says:

    So is THIS position low enough?

  73. Anna Says:

    Suspicion of growth hormone abuse was rife within the pro peleton

  74. Maralyn Smith Says:

    Using the pressure washer was a BIG mistake!!

  75. sarah miller Says:

    It looked bigger on-line.

  76. Stuart Cox Says:

    One pill makes you larger…

  77. Nick Says:

    Everyone keeps laughing… I bet it’s because I forgot my socks.

  78. Adam Says:

    Great prize!

  79. Ellen Says:

    Well you said you wanted a portable one!

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