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Flying With a Bike

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Flying With a Bike

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October 2nd, 2015

Going on a cycling holiday abroad and flying with a bike can sometimes be a hassle, especially when each airline has its own bicycle policy and excess baggage charge system.

We’ve heard some horror stories of people’s experiences trying to travel with a bike, so we thought we’d put together a conclusive guide to help your next attempt to take a bike on holiday a bit easier.

The information in this guide is based on flying in economy class: if you’re flush and flying business and above, they are usually more generous with baggage so you’ll probably be fine.

Bike Boxes At The Airport

Our top tip? Low-cost airlines may look cheaper initially, but if the carrier charges for bicycles it will bump up the cost significantly! If you shop around you may be able to save some money and fly on a nicer airline!

If we’ve missed any airlines let us know and we’ll get them added!

A few disclaimers:

  • If your journey includes more than one airline, double check your bike is suitable under both policies
  • This information is correct at the time of writing but airlines are liable to change their policies: we always recommend double checking with the airline if you are unsure
  • This information is offered as a guide: Ride25 can’t be held responsible for any fees incurred when flying!

4 Responses to “Flying With a Bike”

  1. Timo Lampila Says:


    Norwegian is a good Company and takes the bikes to the flights.

  2. David Ireland Says:

    jet2 and Ryanair?

  3. matthew polaine Says:

    I would avoid Ryanair. The luggage is treated poorly and my mtb was crushed under piles of cases. It survived with a buckled wheel, but I’d never take a decent road bike. Complaints and compensation impossible to use unless you have days to waste. Of course it’s designed that way!

  4. Mark watts Says:

    Kuwait Airlines no longer include bicycles in the baggage allowance. It is charged as excess baggage

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