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A Re~cycle Case Study – Antony from Zambia

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A Re~cycle Case Study – Antony from Zambia

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January 19th, 2015

For each person who takes part in a tour, Ride25 makes a donation to Re~Cycle. Each donation enables Re~Cycle to rescue an unused bike in the UK and get it to a person in Africa, where bikes transform lives.

We’d thought you might be interested in hearing about a recent case study from one of Re~cycle’s donations to a boy in Africa, Antony.  Here’s how a bike has transformed Antony’s and his family’s life…

Re~cycle Casestudy:  Antony from Zambia

Antony is 17 years old and a grade 8 pupil at a school in Zambia. He lives 6km away from his school and 1km from the nearest safe water point.  It used to take Antony an hour to walk to school and an hour back again.

Antony received a bicycle from Re~Cycle via its partner organisation in Zambia,kaloko The Kaloko Trust.

Antony and his family use the bicycle to fetch water and to get to and from the weekly markets at Luansobe (10km away) and Nyenyeshi (26km away). His family also use the bicycle to take sick family members to the clinic at Luansobe.

Antony uses his bike to get to and from school and can now get there and back in minutes, rather than the hour he used to walk beforehand.

Re~Cycle supplies The Kaloko Trust with spare bicycle parts meaning they are readily available for people like Antony to maintain and repair their bicycles.

For more information on Re~Cycle and how you can support them, please visit  




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