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Arnie watch!

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May 21st, 2015

We recently noticed the Daily Mail’s enthusiastic penchant to report on Arnold Schwarzenegger’s cycling habits.

Since July 2010 there have been an impressive 22 stories detailing Arnie’s pedal-powered movements on their website.

We’ve put together an interactive map that lets you explore his rides – you can find it here. Or you can check out the screenshots below:

21 of the rides were in America

20 were in Los Angeles

and a whole bunch were in Santa Monica

The cluster above is the famous Santa Monica district of Los Angeles, presumably where Schwarzenegger lives (or at least really enjoys spending time).

Some quick stats on the rides:

  • Busiest month: November 2014 (3 rides)
  • Longest gap between rides: 11 months (Feb 2013 – Jan 2014)
  • Area with most consecutive rides: Santa Monica (5 rides)
  • Most frequent companion: Heather

And in pursuit of due dilligence, we’ve summarised all 22 of “Shorts-Zenegger’s” cycling jollies:

  1. Santa Monica, 5/7/2010

    Company: Maria (wife)* and Katherine (daughter)
    Mood: keen
    Headline focus: family > his Hummer
    Highlight: “I’ll be back’? More like ‘Mind my back.'”

  2. Brentwood, 9/7/2010

    Company: Maria
    Mood: sweaty
    Headline focus: it’s hot!
    Highlight: this re-used pic of Arnie seemingly pulling his truck home

  3. Brentwood, 8/2/2011

    Company: “a friend and his security team”
    Mood: feeling the burn
    Headline focus: poking fun for a seemingly heavy workout
    Highlight: the reminder of the existence of Conan the Barbarian

  4. Santa Monica, 1/8/2011

    Company: “a couple of friends”
    Mood: “like he has been taking his stress and frustration out at the gym”
    Headline focus: his 64th birthday
    Highlight: discovery that there is an Arnold Schwarzenegger museum

  5. Venice CA, 15/8/2011

    Company: two bodyguards
    Mood: happy
    Headline focus: his bodyguards are bigger than him
    Highlight: the reminder of the existence of Twins

  6. Santa Monica, 9/1/2012

    Company: friends
    Mood: relaxed and chatty and “not at all self-conscious about his tight fitting shorts”
    Headline focus: aforementioned shorts
    Highlight: the pun “Arnold Shorts-Zenegger”

  7. Somewhere in Los Angeles, 29/7/2012

    Company: two male companions
    Mood: he’d thrown caution to the wind
    Headline focus: he chose to ride a bicycle instead of a motorcycle
    Highlight: another Terminator pun – “he’ll be back… in shape in no time!”

  8. Santa Monica, 24/9/2012

    Company: Christina (daughter)
    Mood: happy
    Headline focus: family
    Highlight: seeing father and daughter enjoying a day out

  9. Pacific Palisades, 8/10/2012

    Company: a mystery blond
    Mood: unconfirmed
    Headline focus: the mystery blond
    Highlight: discovery of his autobiography

  10. Santa Monica, 28/10/2012

    Company: bodyguards
    Mood: “more sad than bad”
    Headline focus: his new temporary tattoos
    Highlight: the keeno behind Arnie who looks shy to overtake

  11. Santa Monica, 23/2/2013

    Company: “a pal”
    Mood: casual
    Headline focus: once again he chose bicycle over motorcycle
    Highlight: the two paragraphs explaining in full detail Arnie’s stop to drink some water

  12. Westside, 5/1/2014

    Company: some buddies
    Mood: happy
    Headline focus: he smoked a cigar after the ride
    Highlight: use of the word ‘stogie’ for cigar

  13. Garden District, New Orleans, 1/7/2014

    Company: Heather (girlfriend)
    Mood: sweaty
    Headline focus: Terminator 5 filming and new girlfriend
    Highlight: this picture of his outrageous bike choice

  14. Santa Monica, 3/11/2014

    Company: Heather and Ralf Moeller
    Mood: happy
    Headline focus: his outfit (t-shirt and sunglasses)
    Highlight: the suggestion that this outfit is somehow headline-worthy

  15. Santa Monica, 10/11/2014

    Company: Heather
    Mood: motivated
    Headline focus: frequency of his and Heather’s rides
    Highlight: their matching fluorescent tops

  16. Santa Monica, 27/11/2014

    Company: Christina and a “silver haired gentleman”
    Mood: invigorated
    Headline focus: the cost of the bike ($1475)
    Highlight: Patrick’s pictures of his efforts to feed the homeless

  17. Santa Monica, 5/1/2015

    Company: Heather
    Mood: rested and relaxed
    Headline focus: his return from a ski break
    Highlight: “He’s back!” reference being wheeled out again

  18. Santa Monica, 9/1/2015

    Company: solo!
    Mood: unknown (hopefully not lonely!)
    Headline focus: Total Recall pun
    Highlight: a screencap of the upcoming Terminator 5

  19. Venice, CA, 6/3/2015

    Company: solo!
    Mood: dignified
    Headline focus: a cheap pun
    Highlight: aforementioned pun, “Arnie gets his leg over!” (the frame)

  20. Melbourne, 17/3/2015

    Company: solo!
    Mood: rebellious
    Headline focus: his lack of helmet
    Highlight: the fact that he wasn’t wearing a helmet in the 19 previous stories either

  21. Santa Monica, 3/4/2015

    Company: Christina
    Mood: engrossed
    Headline focus: dad and daughter time
    Highlight: speculations on new Terminator film capped with ‘hasta la vista’ reference

  22. Santa Monica, 20/4/2015

    Company: Patrick (son) and Heather
    Mood: happy
    Headline focus: family ride
    Highlight: the pun “having a wheely fun time”, which we’re surprised they held off on for this long!

His son Patrick also enjoys the occassional ride, which the Daily Mail duly report. Perhaps we’ll do a follow-up – coverage of coverage – and see how deep the Schwarzenegger rabbit hole goes!

* spousal information reflects time of writing of articles and may have changed since

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