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ASSOS Bib Tights Competition – Winner

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ASSOS Bib Tights Competition – Winner

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Assos Bib Tights S7 Competition

March 3rd, 2016

We had a huge response recently to the ASSOS LL. HabuTights_s7 competition, which wasn’t really a massive surprise as they are a great piece of kit and the cold weather just keeps coming – well if you are in the Northern Hemisphere it does….  maybe our friends in Australia and Singapore might have opted for the shorts!

We are pleased to announce that….

Adrian Anema is the competition winner.

Here is Adrian wearing his new kit, it looks like he’s also got a nice bike and van too!!ASSOS LL. HabuTights_s7

When asked what he thought of his new ASSOS LL. HabuTights_s7

“I was shocked and surprised to have actually won something, even more so a set of ASSOS LL. HabuTights_s7 bib tights. I have a pair of ASSOS bib shorts with the S5 pad which I love and have done several hundreds of miles in last year. Thought that pad would be hard to beat, but no the S7 pad in these is top quality in the comfort stakes. The tights themselves are very comfortable to wear, with the bonus of not having stirrups, makes them easy to get on with no faf. Had reservations that they may ride up but no issues there. The double protection on the front of the thigh works a treat keeping out the wind chill and the drizzle.

A top quality item of my cycling apparel, would recommend to spend that little extra for the allround quality.”

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2 Responses to “ASSOS Bib Tights Competition – Winner”

  1. Chris Mumma Says:

    Well done! Enjoy those tight bibs. I look forward to the day of getting a pair myself.

  2. Mara Says:

    I hope to be the next winner of this item!!!!

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