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Being grateful in Yorkshire!

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Being grateful in Yorkshire!

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May 2nd, 2015

One of our riders, Tricia, who rode on last weekend’s Ride25 Tour de Yorkshire (who has cycled 2 other Ride25 legs so far and will be joining us for our Milan to Rome leg in a few weeks) gives her account of the day…
Ride25 Yorkshire April 2015107

Is happiness really linked to how grateful we are? It certainly was for me last Saturday on the Tour de Yorkshire after 30 of us set out from York bright and early to embark on Ride 25’s 108 miler taking in lots of the gorgeous Yorkshire landscape, towns and a few key climbs (one after lunch that was particularly cheeky) as well as a rather challenging, wet downhill.

I can’t tell you just how grateful I felt Ride25 Yorkshire April 2015117arriving at our first tea stop at 32 miles to walk in to the pub and find pots of steamy tea and coffee awaiting us together with plates overflowing with chocolate flapjacks. More grateful moments came at lunch after the amazing jaw droppingly beautiful ride up to Castle Howard where lunch (at 57 miles) was ready and waiting and such a warm welcome from the restaurant owner too as we went upstairs to our own area. The finale and one of my most grateful moments came at 88 miles and initially seeing the Ride25 flags as I approached the final stop and walking in to the pub and tea and biscuits waiting and a very welcome fire to warm up us and dry us off. It’s not all about the tea and cake but keeping refuelled and hydrated both on the off the bike is key in all temperatures.

Ride25 Yorkshire Pioneers April 201552It shouldn’t have been a surprise as this is Yorkshire and it is Spring so the weather is changeable but the real surprise was experiencing such a sudden change in the weather after lunch when the morning had been warm and dry. It’s a real reminder to ensure you take a waterproof and ideally arm warmers in your back pocket so are prepared for these changes. These were essential for the last 20 miles back to York where each Ride25 sign we saw took us closer to home – and signing a 108 mile route is no mean feat so thanks to John and the team!

I was also reminded of how treacherous the terrain can suddenly feel with wet roads and we had one big downhill – never in 8 years of cycling have I got off to walk on a downhill but there’s a first for everything and on the 25% downhill narrow switchbacks my wheel skidded twice which unnerved me to the point of getting off.

Ride25 Yorkshire Pioneers April 201542As ever the Ride25 crew were incredibly supportive, encouraging, always there, and snapping happy, and I can still hear the ‘Swiss mountain’ bell – you can watch the video here in case you missed it.

The Ride25 Tour de Yorkshire was an amazing benchmark to see where we are in fitness and endurance as April still feels early in the season and it’s difficult to get out and do long rides. It was fabulous to see so much of Yorkshire and such a beautiful route crafted – and with less than 6 weeks and counting until I’ll be riding on the Ride25 Milan to Rome event it was just wonderful to experience a great, long ride with new and old friendships being forged – such camaraderie and encouragement within the group as ever.

Ride25 Yorkshire April 2015141We also got to see a little of York on Sunday and 2 of our favourite ‘recovery’ spots to soak up the atmosphere were Your Bike Shed café that was opened 18 months ago – and The Star Inn the City that has a wonderful terrace over the river and a perfect lunchtime setting in the sun. Highly recommended when you are next visiting York.

A huge thanks and well done to my fellow riders new and old and Ride25.


And here’s to Milan – 5.5 weeks and counting…..




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