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BikeBox Online VeloVault Winner

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BikeBox Online VeloVault Winner

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May 13th, 2016

Over 2000 people entered to win the amazing VeloVault from BikeBox Online, but there can only be one winner

Congratulations go to Liz Trebilcock from Cornwall in the UK (who is currently cycling in Lanzarote… lucky thing), who is the…

VeloVault Winner


Liz Ride25 Bike Box Winner

This is Liz in Lanzarote this week out riding…  we will ask her to review the box when she gets her hands on it.

Thanks for entering, we will be running more exciting competitions in the coming weeks and months. Keep your eyes on the Ride25 Facebook, Twitter and your emails from Ride25.


8 Responses to “BikeBox Online VeloVault Winner”

  1. Chris Mumma Says:


    I hope you get much use out of it.

  2. Stephanie Flores Says:



    thank you i very happy the i the winner

  4. Ken Blankenfeld Says:

    Congratulations that the best box on the market!

  5. Jose Liscano Says:

    Congratulations… I hope this starts your travels to ride all over the world.

  6. Elaine farmer Says:

    Congratulations Liz on winning!!

  7. Dennis Santos Says:

    Congrats Liz ..wooohoo

  8. Wayne hodges Says:

    Can I borrow it for Mallorca next year ??

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