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All the spares you’ll need to get you there!

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All the spares you’ll need to get you there!

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Bike spares list Ride25

May 6th, 2014

Throughout your chosen Ride25 tour, our support crew will be close at hand to help with any unforeseen issues. Equipped with all the necessary kit, a qualified cycle technician will be present to keep you on the road. From punctures to gear tunes, with a little help you’ll be back out pedalling in no time.

With this in mind, it’s worth considering buying a few small spares that are unique to your bike. Below are a few suggestions of useful bits and bobs, all of which your local bike shop should be able to supply.

You can print these out now and take them to your local bike shop


Spare Gear Hanger £10 – £25

Unique to every bike this little piece of metal can really save the day if your gears take a bad knock. Definitely a wise investment. Please note: This item may need to be ordered in.

Spokes 60p-£5 each

Spokes come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Most bikes will need 3 different lengths. Usually one for the front wheel and two for the rear. It’s a good idea to grab a couple of each length just incase.

Chain Powerlink – £3

This clever little joining link allows you to re-join your chain in the event of it snapping.
Simply count the number of cogs attached to your rear wheel and ask for the appropriate connecting link i.e. 9 speed link, 10 speed link, 11 speed link

Compact Pump or Gas Canister around £25

When it comes to inflating your tyre after a puncture, standard pumps can be hard work. A good quality Gas (Co2) Canister does the job in a fraction of the time. Ask your local bike shop for recommendations.

Spare inner tube around £6

Rather than waiting for glue and patches to dry, swapping a punctured inner tube for a new one will get you riding in no time.

Puncture repair kit £4

Hopefully you won’t need it but worth having all the same!

Tyre boot £4

Slightly different to the patches used to repair an inner tube. These self adhesive patches stick to the inside of your tyre, repairing any slices or rips.

And finally…

Finally and most importantly you should consider getting your bike fully serviced before you leave. Any reputable bike shop should be able to service your trusty steed and nip any potential issues in the bud. This will minimise the risk of mechanical problems and allow you to focus on the journey ahead. Prices and waiting times vary so talk to your local bike shop first. It’s worth bearing in mind that workshops get booked up very quickly at the first sign of good weather. Plan ahead and give yourself at least a few weeks to get something organised.

Find your local Ride25 partner bike shop here which will offer you a great deal on a service if you mention Ride25

You can print these out now and take them to your local bike shop

Remember failing to prepare is preparing to fail!




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