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Boris bikes are changing colour! London cycling goes from blue to red

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Boris bikes are changing colour! London cycling goes from blue to red

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Boris bikes Santander

March 1st, 2015

Lorna North

The blue Barclays bikes have, over the past few years, become a real part of the London landscape. We have become accustomed to blurs of blue whizzing past us whether it be down Piccadilly carrying a suited business man in a helmet or a wobbly tourist riding through Hyde Park.
But, that’s all about to change because the bikes are turning red!
Mayor of London, Boris Johnson has announced a £51 million sponsorship with Santander to replace the Barclay blue that we’ve recognised as the colour of cycling in the big city.
There will be a few improvements along with the sponsorship refresh aimed to make it easier and more appealing to hop on two wheels to get around the capital including an app that will allow you to rent the bikes for £2-a-day or £90-a-year hire charge.
Santander are also extending their ‘cash back’ credit card which refunds three per cent of the cost of train and Tube travel, to include annual fees and hire charges for using the bikes.

Obviously having my own bike I don’t get the opportunity to use the rental service that often. Also, the times I have rented, being a road bike rider I find it a bit odd to be on a sit up and beg. However, this video of three friends riding up Mont Ventoux on a Barclays Bike and getting it back to the London docking station within 24 hours proves that they are capable of much more than a pootle around the capital!


The new red bikes will be arriving from April although I can’t help think they would look better in orange with the Ride 25 logo instead!

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