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Riding for a Brighter Future: Ugandan orphans take on the UCI Cycling World Championships

Cycling Blog

Riding for a Brighter Future: Ugandan orphans take on the UCI Cycling World Championships

August 3rd, 2023

In the world of cycling, the UCI Cycling World Championships is an event that attracts the best riders from across the globe, all vying for success on the grand...

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Nick and Martin

Fat Lad at the Back properly meets his match

June 5th, 2016

For those that have read my other cycling blogs (here, here) you will know I probably qualify as the world’s most reluctant cyclist.  Much to the chagrin of many...

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Paul Doffing

An interview with Paul Doffing: song singer, pedal pusher, world walker

May 25th, 2016

Paul Doffing piqued our interest when we read about his Freedom From Fuel tour earlier this year. This is a combined bike and music tour that started in 2012 and...

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Das Fahrrad

Das Fahrrad: A Book That Will Make Cycling Holidays Easier

April 8th, 2016

When you’re on a cycling holiday abroad, there’s always the lingering fear that some part of your bike will break and you won’t be able to explain to the...

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Lorna Queen of the Mile

Queen Of The Mile – Review

March 4th, 2016

Written by Ness Knight If there is one thing that gets me fired up to get out the house and into the saddle when I’m feeling the dreaded winter...

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Spencer Wilson

An interview with Spencer Wilson: father, illustrator, MAMIL

January 29th, 2016

Spencer Wilson is a father, illustrator, cyclist and the co-author of The Modern MAMIL – an upcoming A-Z guide to the secret lingo known only to the most hardcore...

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An interview with Oli Broom, the Slow Cyclist

November 6th, 2015

This week we spoke with a man who’s traded in the Lycra and Strava segment record attempts that most of us are familiar with, and opted instead for a...

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Guy Cox

An interview with Guy Cox, who rode Milan to Rome on a Brompton

September 18th, 2015

Riding 390 miles in 4.5 days is no easy feat, especially when it includes 27,400 feet of climbing. And especially when you do it on a Brompton. So we...

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An interview with Jill Wilkie: a Milan to Rome Pioneer

September 5th, 2015

Jill Wilkie wouldn’t really call herself a cyclist. She joined us on the Milan to Rome Pioneers ride this June – a 4.5 day ride covering 450 miles and climbing...

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The World Bicyclist: fast enough to see the world, slow enough to meet it’s people

September 4th, 2015

Patrick Martin Schroeder, the self-proclaimed world bicyclist and modern nomad, is a welcome beep on any cyclist’s radar. We asked him a few questions about his massively impressive touring...

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