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Queen Of The Mile – Review

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Queen Of The Mile – Review

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Lorna Queen of the Mile

March 4th, 2016

Ness KinghtWritten by Ness Knight

Queen Of the Mile logoIf there is one thing that gets me fired up to get out the house and into the saddle when I’m feeling the dreaded winter chill, it is following the inspirational women who eat, sleep and breathe cycling and outdoor fitness, sharing their stories of the highs and lows of training and how they build a lifestyle around their passion for big challenges. Lorna North is one of these ordinary women achieving extraordinary things, and is the writing force behind Queen of the Mile, a blog she founded in 2014 littered with honest, insightful stories from her long distance cycling, triathlon and running experiences (and a regular source of motivation and tips for me as an endurance adventurer).

Women’s cycling is on the rise, helped along by the likes of British Cycling who are pushing their mission to get one million more women involved in cycling by 2020, a change and vision already being clearly felt by us cyclists over the past few years. It is no longer an inaccessible, niche sport enjoyed by a handful of elite female cyclists, but rather one that has evolved into an incredibly friendly and social sport, opening up new avenues for experiencing adventure, the freedom of the open roads and the camaraderie that comes with group rides.


ladies cycling image

If you are new to road cycling then Queen of the Mile should be the very first stop on your list of resources. The blog fully immerses you in the world of cycling, running and triathlon, firmly breaking down any fears around starting out in cycling, and demystifying the jargon when it comes to equipment. The aim is simple (and the content refreshing); to get you pedalling long, glorious miles in the saddle and inspire you to take on bold new challenges you didn’t think you were capable of.

Here are my top reads from Queen of the Mile that have inspired me over the last year:

Stories from the road

It’s all well and good having a bucket list of challenges you have never tried before, but the real nudge to get you acting on them comes from hearing real people telling real stories of their extraordinary experiences. Take a wander through these three blogs for invaluable insights into what it really takes to tackle endurance challenges.

Lorna and road

A year in review | My best Queen of the Mile moments of 2015

What it feels like to cycle from London to Paris in 24 hours

Four Londoners cycle from Dalston to Dimensions Festival in Croatia



Training and prepping for an endurance challenge

It can be overwhelming trying to sift through the reams of seemingly conflicting advise that is flooding the internet about training for an event, so here are some tips and personal insights from the Queen of the Mile writers who are seasoned sportive and Ironman finishers.

Queen of the mile l2p

5 cycling experiments in fuelling on a 100 mile sportive

How I am preparing to cycle from London to Paris (320km) in one go

How I am mentally preparing for the Zurich Half Ironman



Getting to grips with your cycling gear

The key to enjoying a ride on the open road is to have your full attention on the experience, the good company and the great scenery, not distracted by equipment niggles. It’s easy to let nerves get the better of you, whether that is packing your equipment for travel, learning how to handle your bike or feeling confident in your cycle clothing. Queen of the Mile gets to the bottom of these issues to break down those barriers, and explores an exciting new women’s clothing brand focused on empowering women to believe they can achieve the challenges they set themselves and to have the gusto to pedal to the finish line having left everything on the road.

Lorna QOM kit review

New women’s cycling brand, Queen of the Mountains encourages us to keep climbing

Pack your wheels up in a bike box and travel the world

Tips to get over any cycling nerves on your roadbike


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