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Cycling in the face of adversity; the Afghan women’s team

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Cycling in the face of adversity; the Afghan women’s team

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afghan womens cycling team

March 28th, 2015

In many cases, attracting frequent criticism and even violence whilst cycling might be cause to put you off ever getting on a bike again but not for the Afghan women’s National Cycling Team.

Women’s cycling in the UK is a growing movement and more and more of us are seeing the value in getting on two wheels and challenging ourselves to complete large distances. In this country we might suffer the odd beep of the horn or wolf-whistle, particularly when in an all-female peloton. Whilst that is annoying, it’s nothing compared with what a group of female cyclists in Afghanistan must contend with in order to go for a ride.

In post-Taliban Afghanistan, women athletes  are quite often criticised for pursuing their sport and are accused of having showing behaviours that are considered un-Islamic. This group of women are not defeated by the cultural implications that riding their bikes my have and still risk it all to get out and get their miles in.

Their actions are sending a strong message of courage to other young women to seize their freedoms and enjoy pursuits as we do every day here in the West.

Watch this video to hear their story.


Lorna North

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