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Cycling Photo Caption Competition Entries and Winner

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Cycling Photo Caption Competition Entries and Winner

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Cycling Caption comp pic

June 25th, 2014

Thanks to everyone for entering the caption competition….. Strava and Garmin featured a lot which is to be expected!

The winner of the Ride25 limited edition cycling jersey is announced at the bottom of all the entires.  Several of which had me personally laughing out loud on a crowded train, we hope you enjoyed them as much as the Ride25 team did.

Diana Townson Evans – Oh no, I have no more lives left on Candy Crush!!!

Justin Stevenson – Yep we definitely took wrong turn, it’s that mountain top we should have climbed!

Peter Davies – “Hang on! Ride25 liked my comment!

Martin Brown – how far did you say we had to go for a signal?Australia !

Stewart Robertson – “I take him all the way to the beautiful high mountains and STILL all he wants to do is play Candy Crush!”

Gregory James Pritchard – Hey love, Set Sky+ to record ‘Game of Thrones” would ya? Halfway up the hill and forgot. So did Simon, boy he looks upset! Home soon love ya xxx.

Dan Slyfield – My Garmin definitely says it’s this way….
I’m sure of it this time!

Stephen Jones – Gary’s ‘make your team mates bike levitate app’ was stressing Simon out!

True Power Sports Power Pull for Cycling – My GPS says the Tour de France is around here somewhere…

Peter Mitchell – Oh my God have you seen … Bradley Wiggins will not be in Le Tour de France this year

Lorraine Wright – I can’t load google maps. Where are we?

Mark Reid – Man A: Hey Steve, just had a text from the guys down at the chalet.
Man B: What do they want this time.
Man A: Errr, your mrs has been to see them, you know that cream you picked up earlier.
Man B: Yesssss, why are you mentioning the cream.
Man A: Well apparently it isn’t the chamois cream you picked up.
Man B: Well what was it?
Man A: (laughs), appears you have put hair removal cream all over you nads mate.
Caven O’Hara Can we do that climb again, strava didn’t record it!

A-Paula Marriott – Mam it’s going to rain and my buddy forgot his hat….get someone to drop some rain gear off please….we are up a mountain next to a tree!

Massimo Moretti – What do you mean ‘we descended from the wrong Col’?!?

Tony Ramsden – Banging your head with no HELMET on makes everything very very cloudy!

Peter Davies – This is no time for Angry Birds!!

Richard Meehan Arrgghhh… What do you mean were on the wrong mountain???

Ryan Flindall – What was the number for the cab company?

Andy Cadman – I was kidding when I said your bum looked big in white shorts

Jason Lowe – Man on left: “I’m sure that was a KOM. Where is my KOM? I think Strava is broke.” Man on right: “Err… turns out that this Segment was actually a climb? We’re going to have to go back up!”

Andrew Finch I dont believe it!! this is not the time to order pizza….

Digby Knight – Down? I thought you said up!!??!!

James Peake – What do you mean you ate the last Jaffa cake

Paul Nutland – We are lost don’t worry I will text my dad

Dave Mason – What do you mean we should have turned left at the bottom?

Simon James Forbes – The next pint is only 5 hours away!

Phil Reynolds – No the route is definitely over the barrier and down that track, I told you we should have brought the double squidgers!

Gary Mitchell – “oops – wrong hill !””

Peter Gurney – The room allocation definitely says I get the top bunk tonight.

Phil Reynolds Can’t believe he is trying to buy a showerproof jacket halfway up the mountain!!

Baz Davies – Man 1: Argh my bikes on fire, look at all this smoke! Man 2: I’d better text your mom and tell here were going to be late for our tea

Chris Coote – Quick- upload it to Strava for the KOM before he does!

Bonamy Grimes – I don’t care what your Garmin says, I’m telling you this is definitely not the Norfolk Broads

Craig Allen – S**t forgot to turn Strava on

Stuart Ginbey – Man 2 – What do you mean you left your wallet back in Geneva. Thats 70miles away. Man 1 – Hang on. I will just call my Dad.

Stuart Ginbey – FFS Man1 (I know who you are:)) Stop working. Your in the bloody mountains!

Mark Thorpe – “No, no, wait, it says here some inflammation is quite normal!”

Dean Atkinson – Man1: stop quick stop !!!!
Man2: selfie!!! No I won’t be in your effin selfie!!!

Catherine McGrath – Doh!

Alec J Brewer – Hold in let me get a photo real quick

Gary Chandler – DOH!!

Shane Gadd – “buckle your seatbelt dorothy, because kansas is going bye-bye”

Andrew Pearson – I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore…

William Davies – I can see clearly now the rain has gone, I can see all obstacles in my w…..

Georgina Rosa Pymer – One moment guys, works just checking to see if I’m well enough to come in tomorrow..

The winner is……

I am pleased to announce that the winner of the limited edition Ride25 Cycling Shirt is….

Stephen Jones – Gary’s ‘make your team mates bike levitate app’ was stressing Simon out!  

Well done Stephen  – we’ll be in touch very shortly to send over your shirt.


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