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Cyclists, stay awesome. Weekly round-up #42!

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Cyclists, stay awesome. Weekly round-up #42!

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Cyclists stay awesome

February 23rd, 2016

This week’s round-up features incredible bicycle dancing, unusual new bicycle designs, two novel ideas that hope to contribute to a paradigm shift in city design, and some great news for British Cycling.

The top image comes from a Reddit post by user Tatch, which shows a lovely sticker spotted on the back of a van in London. The comments focus mainly on the fact that someone clearly missed the point..!


Didn’t see what’s so lovely? Take another look!

The bike is for dancing. The bike is for flying. The bike is a love affair.

An incredible video makes a great starting point for this week’s round-up. Nicole Frýbortová astounds with her bicycle-based-dance to an alluring jazz beat.

The write-up on WeLoveCycling covers the usual gubbins about why cycling is so incredible and beautiful – it’s a good read.

The comments on Facebook however were more cynical. One user complained about how Skoda (who sponsored the video) managed to sneak an ‘advertisement’ onto the European Cyclists’ Federation website:

Skoda bikes

What do you think?

Quirky bikes

Web Urbanist have published a round-up of some of the quirkiest and most striking bike designs out there. A small selection are shown below:

Modern cyclist bikes

Can you guess what they are?

The list includes practical bikes with built-in side storage shelves, minimalist bikes that aim to reduce the amount of components that can break, ultra-specialised bikes for different terrains (see the snow bikes in the image above), and more.

Our favourite is the Aero Composite Wooden Bicycle, below. What’s yours?

Aero Composite Wood Bicycle

A paradigm shift for cyclists

Copenhagen is asking a fantastic new question when considering infrastructure improvements for the cityː

Copenhagen paradigm shift

This comes from an article on Citylab about new traffic lights which are being rolled out in the city, which will increase route efficiency and reduce journey time for cyclists by prioritising them over other road-users.

Cyclists in the city are already treated well. ‘Green Waves’ are incorporated into the traffic light network, meaning that cyclists maintaining constant speeds along certain routes will theoretically come across only green lights.

Reverse congestion charge

Another great idea: Stockholm is considering an interesting proposal that would redistribute the money collected by a congestion charge in the city, giving a proportion of it to cyclists.

This novel idea would see cyclists rewarded through credits toward bike repairs, winter tires, or equipment, as opposed to a cash-in-hand incentive.


A fine city to cycle in

Teo Enlund, leader of the project which put forward the proposal, eloquently sums it up: ““Those who make the jump to start cycling rather than traveling by car should get a pat on the back, not a kick in the face.”

See the full story at City Lab.

Australian cyclists up in arms

In response to Duncan Gay’s changes in fines for cyclists, Australian cyclists have continued protesting and collected over 10,000 signatures on a petition asking him to reconsider.

ABC Australia reports on this story, which we mentioned in round-up #39 earlier this month.

Good luck guys!

Our story of the week

In news which will warm the hearts of all British cyclists, Mark Cavendish and Bradley Wiggins have confirmed that they will be riding together again.

The Guardian reports that the pair will be in the GB squad at next month’s track world championships in London.

We’ll be rooting for them, of course 😉

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