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Easter 2015 Cycling Selfie Competition

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Easter 2015 Cycling Selfie Competition

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Ride25 Cycling Cap

April 3rd, 2015


Will you be out riding this weekend?  Hopefully the weather is sunny and you can leave the winter bike in the garage and dust off your favourite steed!

Share your adventures with us…. and you could win a Ride25 cycling cap.  All you have to do is take a great cycling selfie and post in your facebook status update and tag in our Facebook page, just type @ride25world and we should pop up – as long as you already “LIKE” us!  Ride25 FACEBOOK page

The top 5 photos as judged by our “Head Judges” – will get one of the latest Ride25 cycling caps new for 2015 season.  If you are already a Ride25 cyclists there are extra points if you are in a Ride25 shirt or gilet.

Be careful selfying (is that even a word!) whilst riding – don’t fall off…. well if you do don’t blame us…. but do make sure you capture the point when you are falling – that would be a winner.

Winners will be announced on Facebook on Tuesday next week.




Images thanks to CNN and Pintrest

The usual Ride25 competition T&Cs apply

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