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Free Locks and Nudity: Weekly Round-up #57

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Free Locks and Nudity: Weekly Round-up #57

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Free bike locks

June 10th, 2016

This week’s round-up covers a lot of ground. It features information on how to get free gold standard locks (but to reach the nudity part you’ll have to read all the way through to the end!). It also covers some intrepid school children, the creative flair of UK cyclists, and a look at the intriguing London Nocturne event.

The top image this week refers to our first story:

Free Locks!

An intriguing story in Bikesy piqued our interest this week. Apparently police are giving away free gold standard bike locks in certain ‘hot spot’ stations as part of a scheme to entice more people to cycle.

The article gives full information on how to get a lock, but in short you have to find police officers at a participating station and fill in a specific box on the form. You can see the rota of the train stations the police will be visiting on their website, and you can also watch their video of good locking technique if you need a refresher:

Award Winning Cycling Children

Our next story comes from a source we’ve never used before, Newsround (BBC’s news program for kids!).

They’ve reported on awards won by school children in Yorkshire: as part of Sustrans’ Big Pedal event every child in the school cycled or scooted to school for one week – a fantastic effort! One of the kids summarises the experience succinctly with their quote – “I love cycling, because it’s nice!”.

The image below shows some of the award winners, and you can watch the full ‘news’ report on the Newsround website here.

Award winning cycling kids

The UK: A Country Of Inventors

Cycling Weekly published a fantastic post this week, which rounds up the suggestions given by the community when asked which cycling invention they would create in a perfect world. The suggestions range from practical to funny to politically charged. Some of our favourites:

  • “Time to ride”
  • “A good quality road surface in England” (this seems to be a common theme)
  • “A way of persuading the British government to spend more than the paltry £1 per head on cycling they are proposing”
  • “A handlebar-mounted device that can change traffic lights”

See the full list here.

It Takes All Sorts!

A report in the Guardian caught our eye this week, rounding up the goings on of the London Nocturne. For those who aren’t familiar, this is the “best crit racing and the biggest street party to the heart of the capital”. It has a varied program including a Penny Farthing Race and a Folding Bike Race, and looked like a good laugh!

Check these competitors out:

Penny Farthing racerGoing against the cycling grain, and proud!
Brompton raceThese faces bring back memories of the Ride25 Brompton Challenge!

Our Story of the Week

This week’s top story comes from the AA, of all places. It’s actually a couple of years old, but it’s the first time we’ve seen it and it’s definitely worth a share!

The video challenges drivers to take notice of cyclists through unusual means:

Hopefully the trend will continue where drivers’ awareness of cyclists increases without needing us to ride around naked!

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