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New cycling blog:

Cycling Blog

New cycling blog:

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November 27th, 2015

It was great to bump into the guys from at the recent KitBrix 2015 winter product launch at the amazing Rockets and Rascals cycling cafe in Poole.  You can read their blog about the event here…. We thought we’d ask them all about and what they are trying to achieve with their new cycling blog…



What is is a new entrant in the world of cycling blogs and websites.

While we’re new on the scene, we’re rapidly gaining traction and have been overwhelmed by the positive feedback we’ve received since our launch in the summer from brands such as Fierlan, KitBrix, Proviz, Rapha and Isadore. was conceived to provide a platform for reviews, news and opinion on cycling apparel, trends, accessories, bikes and technology.
We publish news, product reviews, write-ups of our experiences on sportives, velodrome and cycle park visits as well as opinion pieces on the state of cycling as we see it.

What sets apart?

We believe we have a distinctive take on cycling as a male/female duo. And while there are a number of popular news and review sites, we believe their angle and bias can sometimes alienate riders who are perhaps new to the sport or who appreciate a more balanced outlook.
We also believe that the representation and tailoring of content to female readers leaves a great deal to be desired. We are very keen to further the reputation of women’s cycling and are particularly motivated to raise the standard and quality of women-specific apparel and accessories.
We’re keen to share our experiences of the transition from amateur to club riders and hopefully beyond with like-minded readers.

What does the future hold for

The response to the website in just a short space of time has been emphatic; we have been pleasantly surprised with the reaction from readers, brands and the broader industry, so hopefully we are getting the blend right.

Our conversations and following on social media have reinforced the belief that there is demand for a strong cycling community. While there are clearly very different motivations, styles and outlooks among cyclists, we believe there is an inclusive thread that welcomes new people and new ideas.

It is a great to be a part of that and we hope to build relationships with like-minded people, businesses and brands to foster not only a UK cycling community to be proud of, but an international one.

About Matt:

Matt Vamper ccTo say I had a lackadaisical approach to exercise of any variety in my twenties and early thirties would be somewhat of an understatement. I represented, what I suspect, is a fairly large demographic; those whose post-education physical output has amounted to a few short ale-fuelled races against friends, the odd 10k and a number of half-hearted and half-arsed lengths of a hotel pool.
There comes a time however when regaling tales of school football tournament successes of old or the handful of trys scored on the rugby field to bored strangers begins to sound a little desperate. Twenty-year-old triumphs no longer seem quite as spectacular as they once did.
It was at precisely this moment I decided to buy a road bike.
Little did I know that it would reawaken a thirst for physical activity that has driven me to levels of fitness I thought were long gone. By no means will I be troubling the peloton in next year’s TdF and you are unlikely to see me gracing too many categorised climbs through choice, but for someone nudging forty, I’m in better nick than I have been for a while (touch wood).
Hopefully my countless hours of painstaking research into socks, gloves, jerseys, bib-shorts and just about every other cycling ‘must-have’ can bring you some benefit, as it is only serving to make me poorer.
Feel free to contact me at

About Victoria:

Victoria Vamper ccIt’s hard to imagine now, but less than a year ago I was content to cycle everywhere on a steel framed single speed – more often than not, in a pair of high heels.
How quickly things change.
A spur-of-the-moment entry to the Prudential RideLondon 100 mile challenge (following some sort of mind control exercise by Matthew) prompted the purchase of a carbon framed road bike from Planet X in April. Swiftly followed by a delivery of a Castelli Café cycling jersey and bib shorts. Goodbye, suede wedges – hello, SPD SL cleats and Fizik carbon-soled road cycling shoes…
My life would never be the same again: the transformation complete, this formerly sweat-averse style blogger is now usually found in South West London chasing the next Queen of the Mountain trophy. Or, hunting for the chicest road cycling apparel out there.
Vamper is my opportunity to chat about road cycling from a woman’s perspective: the challenges it presents, the happiness it brings, and all the good stuff that can be bought to make it even better. I’ll be talking about everything from saddles – the good, the bad and the excruciating – sports bras, nutrition, bottle cages, jerseys, the ultimate bib shorts and plenty more besides.
You can drop me a line at

Examples of recent stories from

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