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New NEOS Cycling Accessories

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New NEOS Cycling Accessories

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February 4th, 2016

We recently bumped into the CEO of NEOS cycling who was so passionate about his new range of cycling accessories we thought we must get some more information and take a look at what he has on offer that might be relevant for our Ride25 riders.

NEOS cycling have a range of products that we thought would be great for a Ride25 tour, including: Airsmith Metal Road Pump, Arisun Allure Tyres, Arisun Inner Tubes, Tools & Torque Sleeves and their TT style water bottle cages…  We have included a description of all of these products below – however, if you want to have a play with them in person, visit the NEOS stand (and say hello to us at Ride25 too!) at the London Bike Show on 11-14th February 2016 at stand LB1251.

Airsmith Metal Road Pump Long with Gauge

Airsmith Road PumpAirsmith certainly produce signature cycling accessories and tools. Their products are sleek and simple, but instantly stand out from the crowd. The Airsmith Metal Road Pump Long with Gauge is no exception. Beautifully crafted with its full alloy CNC’d chassis, it not only looks pretty, but it’s powerful too. Often when bike pumps look good, they fall short on their performance, but the Airsmith pump can reach pressures of up to 160PSI in absolutely no time at all.

As one of Airsmith’s most popular pieces, it performs like a dream. The quality of this pump means there’s no flex or fragility, so pumping action is smooth and easy on the arm, even when moving up to the big PSIs.

This particular model comes in a 300mm length for greater leverage, whilst also featuring an Airsmith metal pressure gauge! Hidden within the piston tube, you’ll find a long hose which will help you to maintain a close fit with the inner tube valve head – making tyre inflation, quick and easy.

The pump comes with an x-bracket system, so you can fit this pump straight onto your bike, making it the perfect frame pump. The Airsmith pump is also incredibly lightweight, so it can be carried in your jersey pocket if you’d prefer. But if you’re looking to shave some weight off your bike, then there’s even a short version of this available, measuring in at 210mm! This is a premium pump and we think it’s great value, the full range of Airsmith pumps from NEOS can be seen HERE

Arisun Allure Tyre

Established in 2010 Arisun may not yet be a household name, but it is looking to take the tyre market by storm. The factory that houses Arisun has been around for almost 60 years and are currently the third largest bicycle manufacturer globally! They continue to manufacture some of cycling’s largest tyre brands, so their knowledge, expertise and craft in the tyre field is second to none. Sweeping into the UK market with Arisun, they offer a range of tyres to accompany any rider, from road cyclists to mountain bikers. But for road cycling, there’s one particular favourite – the Arisun Allure.

The Arisun Allures make up part of Arisun’s Race Ready range, along with the Arisun Rapide. The tyre is constructed using Arisun’s C2 PRO Silica Road rubber compound, which essentially enhances the tyre’s directional arrow design tread, giving optimum traction out on the road. It also provides you with excellent handling and stability on roads that would usually be less welcoming to a 23mm set of tyres! The tyre itself has a 120tpi carcass making it a high-performance tyre that will respond to your efforts, even encouraging you to go faster. The 120tpi carcass also makes the smooth inverted tread operate with the lowest possible rolling resistance, whilst also enhancing cornering ability and wet weather traction with it’s superb grip – an essential thing to look for in a tyre if you’re riding in the UK!

But let’s not forget it’s unbelievable puncture resistance! The Allure has a central puncture defence belt made of K3 Kevlar. The K3 defence system provides the best defence against punctures by utilising an extremely dense, closed mesh Kevlar fabric, similar to the material used in bulletproof vests! But even with such a strong defence system, these foldable tyres remain lightweight, weighing in at around 230g.

Using these tyres out in the ever-changing UK roads, they really show their true quality and capabilities. Grip is excellent in both the wet and the dry and corning need never be an issue again, great news for those who race in Crits. Usually, we would be hesitant to try out new tyres on the sweeping descent of Cheddar Gorge and its surrounding lanes – there’s always something lurking on the less than smooth country lanes that will try to put an end to a 100km ride. But after a few minutes riding with the Allure’s you’re overwhelmed with confidence. They are a brilliant all year round tyre, great for training, but would be more than happy to accompany you to on a season jam-packed with racing. With the Arisun Allure, there’s no need to sacrifice speed for puncture resistance, grip and durability, the Arisun Allure is a truly all in one tyre.  View the full range of NEOS Arisun tyres HERE

Arisun Super Light Inner Tubes

Inner tubes can mean the difference between an enjoyable, carefree riding experience and a ride full of punctures stops and repairs. So finding the right inner tube is essential and with so many on the market, it’s often hard to find the right one that’s up to the job. The Arisun Super Light range is definitely up to the test. Made from 0.65mm premium butyl, these inner tubes are superb in keeping you riding through even the toughest of roads.

The Arisun Super Light inner tubes weigh in at as little as 70g, which allows you to chisel off some of that all-important rotating weight from your bike. They’re ideal for high performance riding as even though they’re lightweight, with their 0.65mm premium butyl, they have a greater resistance to punctures, aiming to improve the quality of your ride as a whole! Paired with a set of the Arisun Allure Race Level road tyres, you’ll be able to ride confidently in the knowledge that your bike is as tough as can be!


Gone are the days of huge tool boxes, filled with tools heavy enough that if used with force might just destroy your carbon bike. With the introduction of carbon bikes and components, it’s essential to up date your toolbox with tools that understand your bike’s need. JCOOL understand this and have crafted a range of groundbreaking tools and the JCOOL MRC Pouch Set is just one of them.

The pouch itself is lightweight and compact, fitting in a jersey pocket would be no issue for this pouch. Opening up the pouch you are presented with everything you need to keep your bike in tip top condition. The main ratchet itself is something quite special. Made from steel, this ratchet is smaller than your index finger! The design is sleek and simple and screams quality as this tool performs with such ease.

Tucked away in this small pouch are 10 different bits, as well as an extender. The pouch set includes, 2/3/4/5/6/8/T25/T30/PHI/SL4 bits, so it really does contain everything you need to ride until your legs can turn the pedals no more! Weighing in at just 190g the pouch set makes the ideal gift to treat yourself or a loved one! It’s the perfect companion for all riders, no matter what you ride.  If you have a carbon bike we’d also recommend you get the JCoool Torque Sleeves so you can ensure you tighten your pride and joy to the correct torque settings.  You can see the full NEOS tool collection HERE

Qbicle AQUAir

There aren’t many products which leave you questioning how you survived before its release. But the Qbicle AQUAir did just that. Qbicle exceeded all expectations with their innovative mudguards, but they have just exceeded it even further. This amazing carrying system can hold all of your essentials, including 2 bottles, 2 c02 cartridges, 1 cartridge inflator and a spare inner tube, making it the ideal system for both tri and road cycling.  We think this could be the answer for those long hot alpine climbs where you need that extra hydration.

Usually with storage you have to compromise a neat bike set up, with bulky bags or compartments. But with the Qbicle AQUAir you can attach this innovative system neatly under the saddle with its steel/nylon clamp. The angle of the AQUAir can be positioned to your own preference with a simple tweak of the Allen Key bolt. Once perfect positioning is found, you can start attaching bottle cages to each side, via the M5 8mm Allen bolts. The cartridge inflator mounts directly to the upper red bolt on the system and the 2 C02 cartridges screw seamlessly onto the bottom of the system. Finally, using the Velcro strap, you can attach your spare inner tube to the underside of the nylon body. So you ride stress free knowing your essentials are safe and sound, while adding little to no obstruction to your ride.


The entire system is produced using the highest quality materials. This product meets any riders’ requirements; it’s sturdy and strong giving you confidence when riding at high speeds. But when you thought this product couldn’t get any better, it does. The Qbicle AQUAir is just 188g! For the fantastic job it does, it certainly excels against similar products on the market.

Tried and tested with the NEOS test team before its release, it received huge thumbs up from both Triathletes and Road Cyclist’s alike. “It’s a product that will be perfect for my next Triathlon, it’s hard to find a product like this on the market which is lightweight and able to hold everything you need for a lengthy ride – it work’s in line with my TT bike, causing no drag to my ride, which is crucial when trying to ride the fastest you can go. The Qbicle AQUAir works with you, not against you!”


Check out the full range of NEOS Cycling Accessories HERE


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