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Our Ride25 Network heads to Uganda to teach kids essential IT skills

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Our Ride25 Network heads to Uganda to teach kids essential IT skills

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March 16th, 2015

Lorna North

Ride25 is an avid supporter of  1moreChild – a small charity in Uganda that helps takes children off the street and gives them everything they need to enable them to go to school.  We ride around the world to raise money for the charity and have so far completed rides from London to Paris, Paris to Geneva and Geneva to Milan. All the riders who have participated in the very first three legs are in an exclusive club called the ‘Ride25 Pioneers’ and each year the Pioneers are invited to complete the next leg for the very first time and define the journey and adventure to Sydney. Over the past few years we’ve raised thousands and thousands of pounds thanks to our network of riders, Pioneers and through our corporate sponsors.

Soho-based, healthcare agency, Nitro Digital are one of those sponsors who are extending our support of the charity this week as three of their colleagues have gone out to Uganda to share their digital knowledge with the senior kids who are supported by 1MoreChild. Their Managing Director, Jules Pancholi is a regular rider and Pioneer on our Ride25 legs and each year joins us to keep on raising funds for this good cause. It’s great to see him spreading the support through the agency and getting more volunteers to share their own digital expertise with the children to help them find skilled jobs in IT in the future.

Set up by Harry and his wife Hen, 1MoreChild began by providing support to just one child who wanted to go to school and now they help over 150 children, some of whom have nothing other than their friends within the charity. They currently rent six houses in Jinja, four boys’ homes and two for girls and these homes accommodate some of the children in the slum village of Masese that don’t have families. The children who still live with their families come to the house every day and it has become a place that they all call ‘home’.

Nitro Account Managers, Ruta Salaseviciute and Duygu Ucan and Developer, Gilberto Tomasone, are spending time with students aged 16yrs-18rs to teach them practical IT skills as well as leaving them with some offline materials so they can continue their learning after the three colleagues return to London.  Nitro are also funding their broadband connection and donating some laptops so that they can put what they learn from Ruta, Duygu and Gilberto into practice and have access to a wealth of information via the web.

We are very excited to hear how our Nitro friends get on! Please support this great charity too by checking out our dedicated page to learn more about our fundraising rides.

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