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Our Ride25 Pioneers fly the Ride25 flag in New Zealand!

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Our Ride25 Pioneers fly the Ride25 flag in New Zealand!

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Ride25 pioneers NZ

January 20th, 2015

image1Not only are they gearing up for their 4th Ride25 leg in June this year (from Milan to Rome) but three of our Ride25 Pioneers* are currently cycling their way around the stunning landscapes of New Zealand on a three week self-organised cycling adventure (donning their Ride25 cycling shirts of course!)

The spirited threesome are being joined by three of their fellow friends from the Hoxne & District Cycling Club –  a road cycling club based in Hoxne, Suffolk which formed in 2004.

The group started their antipodean cycling adventure on the 7th January 2015 in Auckland and are self-navigating around this beautiful island staying in a camper van at night.   The group are certainly using their ‘pioneering’ qualities and having great fun conquering new and interesting terrains – plus meeting some of the locals… Here is an excerpt from their blog:

“We reached Waikino an old mining town where the heat was melting the tarmac (makes a strange popping sound as your tyres run through the bubbles of tar). We grabbed an ice cream sundae in a local bar, where dressing in our lycra we provided amusement for the locals.


The plan was to cycle the Karangahake George on an old railway line, however we were told by one of the locals that there was no chance on our road bikes since the track was made of sharp gravel. We decided to ignore his advice, checked we had a puncture repair kit and set off for the 30 mile ride to Te Ahora.”

pioneer NZYou take take a look at the rest of their blog here and follow them as they weave their way around the country.

From all of us at Ride25, we wish you all the best for the rest of your trip and look forward to seeing you in Milan in a few months! (Oh, and we’ll look into getting you a bonus Ride25 ‘Leg 26’ badge for your antipodean efforts!)

*Our ‘Ride25 Pioneers’ are a group of cyclists who ride each Ride25 leg for the very first time and help to define the journey and adventure from the UK to Sydney for all other subsequent Ride25 riders.


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