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Re-Cycle Project Update

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Re-Cycle Project Update

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February 19th, 2015

For each person who takes part in a tour, Ride25 makes a donation to Re~Cycle. Each donation enables Re~Cycle to rescue an unused bike in the UK and get it to a person in Africa, where bikes transform lives.

Cycling with RidE25 and the Donations we make to Re~Cycle help people like Mirriam…

Recycle miriam

Mirriam worked as a hairdresser in Ghana, until physical mobility problems meant that she was unable to stand. Concerned for her future, Mirriam searched for other opportunities and found one of Re~Cycle’s African partner organisations, Ability Bikes Co-Operative.
Ability Bikes gave Mirriam the opportunity to train as a mechanic, an opportunity she took with both hands and excelled at.  Mirriam is now a full time mechanic and wheel builder.

Re~Cycle provides Ability Bikes with bikes, parts, tools and support for mechanic training.  Ability Bikes empowers people with disabilities with job training and access to sustainable economic opportunities.  On a daily basis, Ability Bikes improves the mobility of the community by selling and repairing high quality bicycles and mobility aids.


For more information on Re~Cycle and how you can support them, please visit  or book a tour wiht us and we will do the rest – Check out the tour dates

One Response to “Re-Cycle Project Update”

  1. Sandra Nundy Says:

    I’m winging about the bumpy road and riding my mountain bike on the road and read this!
    Mirriam is a star!

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