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Re~Cycle, A Bikes For Life, Not Just For Christmas

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Re~Cycle, A Bikes For Life, Not Just For Christmas

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December 23rd, 2014

When you give someone a bike you give them more than a bike, you give them better access to school, work, the farm, the nearest market and health centre – you’re actually giving them better life chances.

For every single person who completes one of our cycling holiday challenge tours, Ride25 will donate a bike to Africa. This is facilitated by our wonderful friends at the cycling charity, Re~Cycle.

Rauha, one is one of the many people helped by Re~Cycle, she tells us why she believes her Bike is for Life, for her family and for her community…not just for Christmas.  Read Rauha amazing story HERE and why not do something amazing this year and give an old bike to Re~Cycle and help someone who is a lot less fortunate than we are.



In Africa, bikes are much more than just bikes – they let people carry out jobs and tasks that they might not be able to do or that could put them in danger otherwise.

Watch these 2 short videos to find out more:


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