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Re~Cycle Sponsored Cycling Challenge

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Re~Cycle Sponsored Cycling Challenge

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Re~Cycle Charity

April 27th, 2015

For each person who takes part in a tour, Ride25 makes a £20 donation to Re~Cycle. Each donation enables Re~Cycle to rescue an unused bicycle in the UK and ship it to Africa, where bicycles transform lives.

You can join the Re~Cycle team on the Ride25 Geneva to Milan tour this September (19-25th). Click HERE to find out more. By taking part and fundraising for Re~Cycle, you will be helping people like Akosua…

Akosua – Re~Cycle Case Study

Re~Cycle provides bicycles to The Village Bicycle Project, one of its partner organisations in Ghana. One of these bikes is now owned by Akosua.

Akosua is a cocoa farmer and uses the bike to travel to her farm, and to the weekly market which is 8km away.

She attended a one-day workshop run by the Village Bicycle Project where she received training in bike repair and maintenance. These workshops mean that communities, including women and girls, are able to maintain their bikes, ensuring that they last a long time and are a sustainable mode of transport. Local bike repairers help to deliver the maintenance training. Re~Cycle provides them with the tools they need to carry out their work to a high standard. These tools are impossible to find locally.


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