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Ride25 feature in Adventure Travel Magazine!

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Ride25 feature in Adventure Travel Magazine!

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Adventure Travel Ride25 article Jan Feb 2015

January 12th, 2015

Adventure Travel Ride25 page 55Flick through the latest copy of Adventure Travel Magazine and you will find (on pages 56 & 57) a great write-up of one of our London to Paris tours.

In the article, Rosie Fuller, editor of Adventure Travel, recounts her experience of pedalling from London to Brighton after she joined us for the first day of the London to Paris cycling tour back in September last year.

Rosie states that her ride from London to Brighton with Ride25 was ‘marvellous’ and one of the most memorable parts of the adventure for her, was getting a little bit lost – which she explains added to the challenge, and that the teamwork required to get her back on track was a great bonding experience…

“Finding a group of kindred spirits somewhere near the back, we manage to cycle down the wrong hill.  Not only that, but the extra time it takes us to get back on track means we get caught in a monsoon before morning coffee break that we’d otherwise have avoided.  But after that we’re a team.  We have a laugh, feed each other energy gels and stick together until the bitter-end, 80-ish miles later.”

Adventure travel page 56Throughout the 2 page spread, Rosie explains the Ride25 concept of seeing the world from a completely different perspective, encountering amazing scenery that you may otherwise have missed – and the great lunches and dinner.   For Rosie, completing her one day ride was a big achievement but she is aware that the ultimate aim is to get all the way to Sydney…

“Even reaching Brighton’s blustery sea front, watching kite surfers, seeing the iconic pier and winding through the pretty narrow streets called The Lanes to find the pub where we meet for a celebratory pint (or two) feels like an achievement to me.  And for some people that’s the beginning.”


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