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Ride25 is featured in Cycling Weekly!

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Ride25 is featured in Cycling Weekly!

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September 10th, 2014

“When I say the trip involved the best four days cycling I have ever experienced, I am not exaggerating”

Henry Nixon, Cycling Weekly

This fabulous quote has been taken from the latest Ride25 story to be published  – this time, in the popular magazine, Cycling Weekly (Edition 4th Sept 2014 on pages 64-67 to be precise!) And to say we are proud as punch at this latest piece would not be an understatement!

Ride25 cycling weekly jpgHenry Nixon, a Cycling Weekly journalist and (unsurprisingly) avid cyclist joined us on our Ride25 Geneva to Milan tour in June, and his article talks about his experience of the ride – conquering the famous Nufenen pass and visiting the Madonna del Ghisallo, the home of Italian cycling.  He also goes on to offer his opinion of the Ride25 concept and what a great idea he thinks it is.

It is clear from the article that Henry immensely enjoyed his trip with us cycling from Geneva to Milan and totally ‘gets’ the Ride25 concept and our aims and ambitions, stating that ‘There’s something about cycling from A to B, day after day, knowing that no section of the route will be repeated.  It adds to the feeling of adventure.  For most of us who have work and family commitments, Ride25 might be the closest experience we have to riding a Grand Tour-style event, covering large distances with big groups of people in places beautiful enough to be on the front of any postcard.”    Some of the other many great comments in Henry’s article include:Cycling Weekly 4th September 2014 jpg“It was four days of truly astounding cycling”


“The organisers have planned the route for each leg beautifully”


“By the time the final breakfast came around, everyone was on first-name terms, and stories were being swapped of camaraderie, strength and funny experiences”


“It is easy to see how completing each leg from London to Sydney will become a realistic aspiration for cyclists of all abilities”


Our next Geneva to Milan tour will be taking place on 25-29th June 2015.  To find out more and book your place, click here.


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